Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I'm pretty excited to talk to you about this new publication called Exhibition. The wonderful Exhibition team even sent over a copy (BIG THANK YOU) and boy, what a copy it is!

This is not your average magazine. I'm talking gigantic size (about 50 x 40cm), high quality images and an incredible list of contributors any magazine would dream of.

Exhibition is an annual publication and will revolve around 1 theme each issue. What better way to start a new luxury publication with an iconic, yet simple product of the luxury industry: The Lipstick. It's really fun to see how each contributor interprets this little stick of colour in his/her own way. Some focus on the actual use of the lipstick, whereas others are more inspired by the strong colours it can hold.

I'll show you a few shots of what's inside, but there's more to be seen...

The amazing cover is a collaboration between photographer Richard Burbridge and make-up artist Peter Philips (yes, the man behind Chanel make-up). No fussy headlines, just clean simple and decent design.

Guido Mocafico's still-life portraits of Pierre Hermé's pastries. The pastries are inspired by lipstick colours of Dior, Givenchy,...

Boris Ovini

Willy Vanderperre, one of my personal favourite photographers.

Mark Segal
The model is wearing a lipstick crown by Peter Philips for Chanel.

And then some more pictures...

Another one of the Richard Burbridge x Peter Philips collaboration.

Mark Segal

Sølve Sundsbø, make-up artist: Val Garland

Guido Mocafico, Pierre Hermé pastries.

So, what say you? If you liked these I strongly suggest you check out the rest of the magazine, it's available either at Colette and since yesterday, at a selection of bookstores worldwide!


Mat said...

pretty excited about the size of the magazine, usually ones so big are just like a newpaper said...

Fantastic, I whant a copy!

vivacious blonde said...

unreal. so much talent ! I'll have to pick up the gorgeous !

heleen said...

Wow, hoe sterk is dat beeld van Sølve Sundsbø


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