Thursday, March 12, 2009


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I was curious to see the Chloé show since it's only Hannah MacGibbon's second show (well third if you count in prefall) for the fashion house and she hasn't WOW-ed me yet. Unfortunately she didn't either this time. The collection isn't bad at all, I like a lot of the pieces, but I don't think the show is jaw-droppingly amazing. The colours are a bit too boring for me... I wish it was more like the first show Paulo Melim Andersson did for Chloé, remember? THAT was wow. Oh well, here are some of the looks I liked:


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I do like the accessories though!

Next up, Louis Vuitton! I'm not sure yet if I love it or hate it, I'm pretty done with the eighties for the moment, but there are definitely some great pieces! See for yourself:

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Oh and a close-up on the bunny ears, just too cute!

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I still have Miu Miu left, but I'll post that tomorrow. I can already tell you that I love it though!


stephanie said...

Agreed about the Chloé show- the palette was too muted.

The ivory blazer in the very first picture makes me INSANELY happy with the blazer I thrifted today. It's a bit too big, but I kept it anyways and there it is in a very similar Chloé look- too bad I just made a small incision in the lining and hacked out the shoulder pads- I couldn't handle them, really- not in an oversized blazer.


Nina (femme rationale) said...

i was disappointed w/chloe, too. they should get luann (i think that was her name) from last season project runway to design for them. i think she'd be perfect.

Lisa said...


was a tad disappointed too.

BUT THE SHOES + BAGS + the coats ( especially the ones on Lily d and Kim noorda ) now those are amazing.
i wish there was some darker pieces as well - NOW I LOVE NUDE, but it was a tad too muted.
but the hair + make-up was so dreamy.

oh dear. MIU MIU was AMAZING.


ana b. said...

Hannah's Chloe show was like 70s sexy knockouts. Lily in that big shoulder padded blazer reminded me of Jerry Hall.

Brigadeiro said...

Chloe was meh...not impressed (yet again), and that long nude gown is so familiar! I'm sure it was done a few seasons ago!

Now Louis...I love the nude & black dress! The bunny ears are too cute indeed! :)

syd vicious said...

Chloe was blah except for the shoes! I liked LV better!

Flashes of Style said...

Oh I love that blue bag! So cute. <3

isabelle said...

what a cool hairpiece!

Paperface said...

After seeing these I was struck by how much lily stands out from the crowd. She's e everything a model should be.

zupu said...

I usually like Chloé more and I'm not a big fan of Luis Vuitton but now I really have to say I adore this LV collection! The beige/pinky-coral/black dresses are just adorable with the drapings.


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