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Fashion week is coming to an end, but I still have some shows left to share with you!
Have you seen Chanel yet? If you haven't, here are some of the looks:


Pictures from

I wasn't too impressed with Chanel (Well, the backpack is cute, Karl). It's just a bit... blah? I don't know, what do you think about it?

What I did like was this lookbook for the womenswear debut from Tim Hamilton. I really really like these! The jackets look great and I have to admit that these thigh-high boots go really well with these looks. Even the hats are lovely!

Pictures from Refinery29

So many collections seem to be black & white (No, not you Dries, but we already talked about that ^-^). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't... Oh well! Looking forward to seeing Chloé tomorrow!


sofie said...

not a very exciting chanel season indeed, but those heels are interesting!

Susanna-Cole said...

Not a big Chanel fan, but really like some of those looks you poste from Tim Hamilton! <3

Thanks for your comment, was great to hear from you! I am well and currently working on building an online store. How have you been? :)


Brigadeiro said...

Like the arm warmers & pleated cuffs at Chanel. Love the Tim Hamilton pics, must find out more about this designer :)

Oh, Chloe...please please please let it return to its Phoebe/Stella glory days....

stephanie said...

Can't wait for Chloé!

Chanel is always classic. kinda boring but if I were super rich and uppety (not even a word but you know what I mean!) I'd probably lust after a few pieces other than the usual bags (read: 2.55) I lust after.


lescrocodiles said...

Hmm, yeah, Chanel always seems kind of the same to me.

She's Dressing Up said...

The backpack was the best part of this collection =]!

xs said...

the hamilton collection is quite intriguing. i like it.

KATLIN said...

Geez, I am soooo behind on this stuff. Past seasons I've been on this shit, but I can't find time to look at them all. I just look at my faves or lookover the thumbnail page. haha. Loving that last Tim Hamilton look!

heleen db said...

Zelfs geen h&m en zara? :o Ocharme! :D
Jaaa dat heb ik ook gehoord! Maar 't zijn allemaal nog zo'n geruchten, khoop iig dat het juist is. Dan heeft Theyskens echt helemaal de vrijheid om te doen wat em wil (hoewel Nina Ricci's concept ook wel bij hem pastte, zowat het vrouwelijke meisje)

Ik wou ook een post doen over de Belgische designers in Parijs, maar kzie dat jij dat al hebt gedaan. Kga in 1 van m'n volgende posts dus wsh hiernaar verwijzen, je commentaar erbij is meestal toch intelligenter dan wat ik erbij zou krabbelen :p
En ja Chanel... 't is zo typisch Chanel gewoon. Ik weet dat veel designers 'terugkijken' in hun nieuwe collecties maar 'k had toch iets verassender van Lagerfeld verwacht

FashOnEarth said...

Sublime !

Chanel est une fois de plus sublime !

B. said...

OMG - i am head-over-heels in love with chanel,

but i totally agree.
its so-so and i am so suprised!
Where was Karl's head at?

J`ADORE the new header for the blog.
it is perfect!
How I envy you!

Love, B.

Ambroisine said...

I love Tim Hamilton lookbook, the jackets are indeed awesome, the dresses/top are my favourites !

Lisa said...


and thank you for your comment!
here they said on the news that they didn't even know íf it's working..
so i'm going to wait untill they know more about it!


Dooder City said...

chanel is always a high light isn't it? i love the looks. and the accessories are always to die for!

DaisyChain said...

I loved chanel, though I agree, it was hardly exciting!


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