Friday, March 6, 2009


Yesterday I showed you pictures of the Balmain & Rue du Mail show, today I hope to amaze you with some other GREAT shows. (Some of you commented & I read this on other blogs too, the Balmain show was indeed a LOT like the spring/summer collection, and I couldn't agree more. I still love what he presented though, I just hope this won't be what we'll be seeing from Balmain for the next 5 seasons! Some change would be nice!)

Ok, back to business, I have some really great pictures from the Nina Ricci show. I was watching them with my mouth hanging open, totally surprised. You see, there were all these rumours going around that Nina Ricci FIRED Olivier Theyskens (I mean, seriously?) and I thought for his last collection (if the rumours are indeed true) he would, I don't know, keep it simple or so? Well, he didn't (and I'm GLAD he didn't!). See for yourself!


I don't really like the shoes in terms of being 'pretty', but they truly are amazing.

Pictures from fashionologie.
I love this glitter unitard, not very wearable, but gee, can I say amazing again?

And here are some of the looks:
Pictures from

Theyskens still makes THE most beautiful gowns.

Ok and I'm not finished yet, here are pictures from the Rick Owens show. Amazing shapes as usual, and even a colour other than black & grey, LIGHT BLUE!
Picture from

Here are some of the looks:
Pictures from


Stephanie said...

Nina Ricci= AMMAAAAAAAAAAZING!!!!! The very first picture of this post elicits a jaw-drop. Gorgeous.


Brigadeiro said...

Nina Ricci's 3rd to last dress - jaw droppingly beautiful!!!

The shoes are OMG CRAZY!!! That's an incredible feat of engineering to make them, an another set of skills altogether to walk in them! :)

ana b. said...

O my! Theyskens really wanted to go out with a bang. They are entirely ferocious! All the curvy, sculptural gowns.

sofie said...

they're no rumours, he definitely is fired :( i hope the people at nina ricci see how incredibly stupid they are now!
+ i'm excited to see what olivier theyskens is going to do next :)

dapper kid said...

Rick Owens was sooo fantastic and the Nina Ricci was seriously superb - they are crazy for letting him go!!

LoveMore said...

i loved nina so much! so much sparkle, and she worked the black well i must say!

and thanks for your comment! you have persmission to print out my wall pic! haha xxx love LM

heleen db said...

Ik was ook zooo verbaasd toen ik hoorde dat Theyskens weg gaat bij Nina Ricci, 't is echt 1 van m'n favoriete designers. 'k was al wat gewend geraakt aan z'n heel meisjesachtige, romantische silhouetten maar wat hij dit seizoen deed is inderdaad ZO fantastisch, ben blij te zien dat hij nog veel meer in z'n mars heeft dan wat we tot nu toe zagen.

En oh ja, echt Schaduw van de Wind lezen, 't zal je niet teleurstellen waarschijnlijk! :D
Waar woon je (ongeveer), als ik dat mag vragen?

Jack Daniel said...

How can they ever walk in those heels in the first pictures??

And who's the sexy girl in the header??

246478CF said...

the first dress ... took my breath away


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