Saturday, March 7, 2009


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I was so looking forward to the Lanvin show, it's always one of my favourites. And I have to say, Alber Elbaz didn't disappoint!

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The first dress on the third row is just SO perfect to me!
And here are some of the more detailed views:

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One last thing, watch Suzy Menkes' report for the Internation Herald Tribune & the New York Times. Make sure you watch untill the end of the video, the applause Alber gets is really heartwarming and you HAVE to see his little wave on the catwalk! ^-^


sofie said...

fantastic new header! i love the detail with the little bit of the E that sticks out on the end :)
as for lanvin, wow! and what an applause! :)

Stephanie said...

Love your new header!
The first dress in the 3rd row is the one that caught my eye too!!!
It's all gorgeous- I heart ALber sooo much! He once said that he makes clothes based on his belief that clothes should whisper and not scream! AWW! I love him- he's soo humble! I'm gonna watch the video now, can't wait for the end!!


Lisa said...

thank you very mutch!


Lisa said...

oh DEAR.

i have been oooooooooogling it for quite some time now.

i am in complete awe.
and his humbleness is something i truly admire.

I LOVE the understated long sleeve..maxi...belted.
i love it alllll.

the close-ups are immensely appreciated.
thanks love.
i will keep on coming back to this collection for inspiration.
end of story.


Emma said...

hi georgeous!
i didnt want to steal your picture, i thought you didnt matter, but anyway.. dont worry im taking it off.. so, sorry! it wasnt my intention.

heleen db said...

Oh waw, dat is inderdaad niet dicht bij Antwerpen! Zijn er in Kortrijk wat leuke winkels eigelijk?

En yayyy, wat leuk! :D Ik ga je ook toevoegen bij de mijne

Emma said...

no way, you are not the rude one.. i didnt ask you.. i totally understandyou, i will react the same way if someone copy a photo that i take, dont worry girl!

Petra said...

Lanvin = LOVE!

This collection has me in utter awe. SO phenomenal. The dress you mentioned is so stunning, and I adore the very first one as well. There are no words!!!


Flashes of Style said...

Oh I love, love Lanvin. So amazing. All of these black pieces are wonderful!

Cafe Fashionista said...

The headwear is amazing. And your new header? Fabulous!

ana b. said...


meliindaa. said...

those outfits are pretty fierce, the neckwear is interesting!

Miranda said...

he's got to be the cutest ever.
i loveeee the last row of pictures
all the pieces have the most amazing silhouettes and structures
thanks for sharing!

yiqin; said...

The statemnt necklaces are def to die for.

Dooder City said...

I love Lanvin. I love the smirks on the model's faces in the first photo. PS I linked you:)

Jack Daniel said...

Great post, and the first picture is awesome with all the smiling models. :)

M said...

Great photographs :)
And the Lanvin collection was gorgeous

diamondsinchampagne said...

The Lanvin collection was so dramatic and magical. Adored it and how dark it was.

isabelle said...

really cool shoes!

Mariona said...

I love Alber Elbaz
I love everything he does, elegant, sophisticated and I think its exquisite collection, without doubt the best and all the details very careful, thnks for the comments, kisses from bcn


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