Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Short post today, I'm still going through the latest shows :)
But I HAD to share this, I read this on via metro.

>> INSIDER WIRE —It's a match made in street-style photography heaven: if you've noticed the recent chumminess of Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist and Garance Doré around Fashion Week, plus the appearance of his photos on her site, there's a reason why. They recently became a couple after several years of friendship; in fact, the camera she shoots with is a gift from Scott, after he realized she was using a small, everyday digital one. Project next? She's set to style some of his upcoming photography projects.

I'm sure you all know both of them and their amazing work, but isn't this just PERFECT? ^-^

Garance Doré, shot by The Sartorialist


Stephanie said...

OMGOD BEST STORY E V E R!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is perfect!!!!!!

I saw this pic of her this morning and I thought how gorgeous and now this!! :) She's so sweet too. when I first started blogging, I wrote her about something and she wrote back the sweetest email :)


In-tree-gue said...

i love seeing photographs of street style blogger shot by other street style bloggers

jessica said...

woooo !
i can see this turning beautiful :]


donna said...

yeah, I smiled when I read about them, too. I think it's a wonderful thing, especially since they were pretty subtle about their connection.

Brigadeiro said...

OMGosh! Serious?!? Love them both (especially Garance, she is just so lovely!), and together! Oh my!



ana b. said...

O my goodness. Imagine if they worked together and produced a street style site. Fiyaahhh! (Fire. I mean!)

miss a. said...

OMG- during the Milan fashion week, I noticed that a lot of the shots on both websites somewhat mirrored each other, but I just assumed that it was because all the photographers were flocking to the same areas. That's so cute, though. :)

Rabenschwarz said...

oh yes, right. i have heard it.
lovely lovestory, hu?

Montreal Fashion Minds said...

What a great little love story! And 2 of my fav bloggers! Im happy for them!

~ Montreal Fashion Minds ~

Sascha said...

What a cute story! It is perfect!


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