Sunday, December 28, 2008


Last week I was visiting the Colette website (I go there whenever I'm bored of my itunes library and need some new music, they always have a great selection of new music playing on their website), so I was surprised to see the entire website had undergone a true facelift! (See picture below) It's only a beta version, so they're still working on it but it looks great already! So I thought, well since I'm already here, I might just get a quick look around, no?
So as I was looking around, I stumbled upon the Proenza Schouler bags (aka, PS1) and WOW! I had already seen some of the models and colours on other blogs and websites, but to see them all together, all different shapes and colours! Mmmmm I love them even more now!
I really love the bigger models, they would definitely be great for everyday use, but the coral and yellow one would be so great for spring and summer!
I'm secretly hoping Zara or any other store picks up on them and gets us a cheaper version -well they ARE expensive! prices:see picture below- but on the other hand, I really don't like knock-offs... It's not fair to those who put a lot of effort into it, and to think other people just stole their ideas... No thank you!
So I guess I'll only see myself walking around with one in my dreams ^-^! But everyone has got to have something to dream of right?
Anyway, to those who are feeling lucky, you can buy them on the Colette website, or just click on the link if you want to dream about them like me haha!

-PS: I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!



sofie said...


Lisa said...


dreams are always attainable!

start a dream bag fund. i've had one for awhile ;) and eventually i will be able to make my purchase :)

hope you had a wonderful holiday.


Eelie said...

Darn expensive designers and darn their gorgeous designs!

The design is so classic, i'd love to get my hands that nude/champaigne coloured shoulder bag

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

I'd like to talk about your iTunes folder. :P
Lately I have been getting bored by mine too. But thats due to the lack of space to put any new songs in, so thanks for your Colette tip. That I didnt think of that myself!!

KATLIN said...

I'm loving their long handle styles!!! But, yes, wayyy too much money for me. I'd prefer vintage! :)

miss a. said...

Ughhhhhhh, I'm going to Colette tomorrow. My hands are going to be all over that bag. I just wish I had a soul to sell to bring one home with me!!

jaime said...

ahh all these picks are amazinggg! thank you for your sweet comment, i hope YOU had a great Christmas :)


totally agree with Lisas comment,a bag fund is a great idea.these bags are delish!!i would not be able to chose a fave, love this post honey.
big kiss,


totally agree with Lisas comment,a bag fund is a great idea.these bags are delish!!i would not be able to chose a fave, love this post honey.
big kiss,

DaisyChain said...

I must check the site out, for both music and shopping torture =)

Petra said...

Amazing bags!! I love the satchels, particualy in the tan and peachy colours. Beautiful.

Bag fund sounds sensible! Have a happy day xx

Bella said...

Uh oh... looks very tempting!

Happy New Year.


Maggie said...

oh la la... nice bags! thanks for the comment :)

Miranda said...

the instant i read "ps1" my mouth started watering
LOL so bad!

Alexa said...

those bags are the new 'it' bags! so hot! :)

Rabenschwarz said...

haha, zara has so much cool stuff, i love it. and this store is really pricy, wow. but i totally adore this dress.

miss a. said...

I saw the bags at Colette! Actually, I saw the yellow one and a green one. There was also a black one in a lizard print. I wanted to take pictures, but there are like 8348372 sales people at Colette who follow you like hawks. There were some hot boots by CDG there, too. Oh god, that store made me wish I was made of money. I totally would have peeled off an arm to buy all those goodies.

ana b. said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment. I've linked to you now and will stop by a lot more often. I love your blog. And I love Proenza. I didn't know there was such a beautiful range of bags!

M said...

omg. ps1 yummmmm

Fashionista* said...

bedankt voor de tip :)
and i love love love love colette!
heb je al iets gekocht op colette?

donna said...

mmm, this makes me think of the jak&jill blog post gushing over it. I think it's a nice bag, but there's too much hype.

$1300+tax makes for one lovely tropical getaway, a very friendly eBay shopping spree or in-store visit. or 2 months rent; depending on where you live, maybe 3.


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