Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I was kind of surprised by what dropped in the inbox about 2 weeks ago, Atelier Mayer - the online vintage luxury clothing boutique - is launching a magazine! Atelier Mayer is the site you should bookmark if you're looking for exquisite vintage pieces by Hermès, Yves Saint Laurent, Lacoste, Givenchy and so many others.

Why would an online retailer publish a magazine? Well, Carmen Haid, Atelier Mayer's founder, wanted to create something tangible you could keep forever, an inspirational publication about fashion and art.

The magazine is going to be released twice a year, get your copy over here!

Check back on the 16th of July for a little sneak peek inside the magazine!

EDIT: The time has come so here it is, a little feature of one of the articles. It's about vintage airline costumes and kind of fun to read. This isn't the entire article though, if you want to read it get yourself a copy of Atelier Mayer magazine!

All images from Atelier Mayer magazine


Andy said...

cool cover design

hannah said...

oooooh can't wait for the sneak peak! this sounds so great.



the style crusader said...

Ah, looks great. I totally love their site. The magazine looks lovely - can't wait to catch a sneak peek of more! xx

Tea For Two said...

Looks like it's going to be a slick, gorgeous publication. Exciting stuff!

le pearl said...

the cover artworks are just perfect, I totally adore patterns.

Joey said...

Looks interesting. I love the cover of the magazine, so pretty!
Thanks for dropping by my blog

vintage process said...

So cool!


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