Monday, April 11, 2011


The third and final outfit in my series of 3: BEACH OUTFIT!

So you're on spring/easter holidays or whatever it is they call it in your country and you're ready to go to the beach. The last time you were here was during those last summery days of 2010. You're desperate to show some skin, because maybe you need to get rid of your paler-than-milk complexion you carefully built up during the winter period (don't forget to wear sunscreen!!!) or maybe you just like the feeling of the rays of sun hitting your skin and you want to enjoy it as much as you can. So you wear a short skirt with a matching bikini top, because you can. A pair of cute sunglasses to protect your eyes, a fan you use during the hottest hours of the day, a bag in durable plastic (easy to clean off all the sand you've gathered during the day) and some flats to finish of the look. This morning you hesitated to put some regular espadrilles on instead, but these flats were nicer and you felt like wearing something special.

Fan - JCDC
Skirt & Bikini top - Rachel Antonoff
Sunglasses - Alexander Wang for Linda Farrow
Shoes - Charles Philip Shangai
Bag - Jil Sander


Cindy said...

so lovely <3

costra y ampolla said...

lol the fan is hilarious!!!

love jcdc

Prim and Pimp said...

hey hun, thanks for coming by my blog!

loving this outfit you put together, the fan is esp. fun.


alisha said...

I am completely in love with the skirt and bikini top. You don't get more summer than a bit of gingham.

arlene said... cute is that bikini & skirt combo?! What a great find!

Tereza Anton said...

I love your selection. Those flats are so cute.

Fickle Cattle said...

:-) that made me smile. Cute!

Shevah said...

This is so cute. I want to go to the beach right now. :)

Pieter said...

Ooh die bril en die tas zijn zo leuk!
Bedankt voor je toffe reactie trouwens! :D
Ik volg je x

Christina said...

loving the shoes!!

Tine said...

Great selection! Especially the shoes!

Afrodite said...

Misschien is het niets voor jou, maar toch het proberen waard! Je kan op mijn blog een voucher winnen voor een bikiniset van Elizabeth Hurley Beach :)

Misschien interessant voor jou of je lezers!



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