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There's one thing I haven't really posted about on here (mainly because I'm a noob) and that is: beauty. Y'know, make-up and stuff. It's always good to let the experts do the talking, in this case manicurist Jenny Longworth.

If I didn't read newsletters as thoroughly as I do (yes I am the only person in the world who signs up for dozens of newsletters and actually reads them), I probably wouldn't have come across this great article on i-D online. It's a step-by-step guide to some very original nail-art and although I wouldn't take all the steps (skipping the bow + rhinestones) it still is a great idea and I thought I'd share it with you all.

More info + mini interview with Jenny Longworth over at i-D!

First, "Squeak" the nail plate with a cotton pad and some varnish remover. This will dehydrate the nail plate to ensure a smooth varnish application and lasting wear. Also apply a layer of base coat, this will prevent the colour from staining and also help the varnish adhere.

Then, on alternate nails apply a coloured French manicure effect. Sweep the varnish horizontally across the free edge of the nail. This will help you get a cleaner line. I used black and red for a Minnie Mouse feel. Once finished the tenth finger, go back and repeat the process to build up the colour gradually for a more even finish. Clean up any excess on the surrounding skin with a cotton bud soaked in varnish remover.

Next create the polka dots. I used Revlon's White On White and a professional nail art dotting tool.

However you can use a tooth pick at home or fine make-up brush.

Next I created my bows using coloured acrylic. This part is for the professionals only but you can paint the bows by hand or glue on fabric bows from a haberdashery to get the 3D effect.

Broken pieces of jewellery are also great for this. It's all about experimenting and being creative.

I also created a diamante half moon to give some extra bling to the look. Dab on some nail glue to the desired area. Then dip the end of a tooth pick or manicure stick into the topcoat. This will allow you to pick up a diamante easily to transfer it onto the nail. Push down firmly to secure it in place.

Finally seal the whole design with a top coat. Wait two minutes and then add some of Revlon's Liquid Quick Dry. This will both aid the drying process and rehydrate your cuticle area. Photography Emma Tempest. Manicure Jenny Longworth at CLM using Revlon nail enamel. Make-Up Lucy Bridge using Illamasqua. Hair Halley Brisker using Bumble and Bumble. Model Stacey Grant at Models1

All pictures & notes from i-D.


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Hé, merci d'être passé sur mon blog. Ca m'a permis de découvrir le tient. Je viens de le parcourir de long en large et j'adore !

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Fashion Cappuccino said...

I'm also a completely newbie when it comes to makeup! I don't really like putting too much on my face. Those nail arts are fantastic! Plus your pictures are so beautiful! xoxoxoo

Bárbara said...

Great blog Honey check mine at http://thanksgoshimawoman.blogspot.com/ go see and tell what you think xoxo

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

OMG those are hands down the cutest nails i have ever seen!!!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Shini said...

This is Deliiiccousss. But of course, it wouldn't work if I tried doing it myself :P Try doing those dots and lines with my left hand on right...

Star-Light said...

so cute :))


Bella Harris said...

Gasp! I love this!!!

Krizia said...


x Krizia


Petra said...

OOOhh!, deze zijn superleuk!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog ...



linda-mari said...

OMG, cutest nails I've ever seen!

Luca said...

This is genious!

Start dreaming on www.dreamingthedayawaywithluca.blogspot.com

--Sanam-- said...

Those nails are amazing, so cute! & I love that first photo :)


Agata Wijaya said...

wanna have them in my nail.
it's really cute. stunning<3

blackcowboy said...

wow these nails are really a piece of art!! Love them


Jess said...

wow...a little peace of artwork..awesome!

Jan said...

Ohmy that's so cool!
I wish I am able to do something like that,
but I'm way too clumsy therefore!

Shaina said...

awesome! even though I am physically unable to do nails that well, I really really love this! the bow is just adorable!

lovely blog

Phara said...

Oh die strikjes, zo schattig, wil ik ook! :)

0000 said...

Lovely nails though I can never paint my own nails well--it's a good thing I have a great relationship with my manicurist!

Clare said...

They are the most adorable nails ever! And would go so well with my profile picture...

Love Tweet


Tamara said...

Oh, my... Ok, I don't really know where I could go with this, but hey, it is fun! :)

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