Monday, March 21, 2011


I visited this exhibition about 2 weeks ago in Brussels and I just thought I'd let you know how great I think it was... (I'd been meaning to visit ever since I read about it in January!)

I am of course talking about the Fragments Americana exhibition by Hedi Slimane at the Almine Rech Gallery. There's a parallel exhibition in Paris as well, (also at the Almine Rech Gallery) so you can check that one out if you're around. Beware though, they both close THIS saturday, so hurry up if you can :)!

Oh hello, yes, that's Immi again! - this was taken on the same day as the streetstyle pics
These pics are by me, but of course, the artwork in the pictures is by Hedi Slimane, found at Almine Rech Gallery


Mode said...

merci pour ton commentaire ! tes photos sont super cool ,la premiere surtout l'art contemporain

Susie said...

I want to go to this place !

Rose said...

oh that gallery looks awesome!


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