Monday, March 28, 2011


A.P.C. (Atelier de Production et de Création) has long time been one of my favourite brands and I just found a reason to love them even more : a new collaboration, Vans x A.P.C.!

Just when I got a bit tired of my worn out Chuck Taylors, it seems as though I found an affordable & decent replacement. There are 4 different options: the Classic in beige, true white/blue, true white/pink and the Chukka boot in grey. I think I like the white/blue one best, but to be honest, I could use them all! Which one's your favourite?

PS, be sure to check out the rest of A.P.C.'s footwear on their website, they always have great, simple & chic shoes!

PPS, a new Vans shop is opening in Antwerp (Kammenstraat 47), Belgium april 1st! - not an april fool's joke, promise.


Anonymous said...

I love the beige ones, I think they are just perfect for summer and spring!

Rachel said...

I love the white/blue one too, but I'll say the pink/white one just because I never wear pink. It's girly and it's cute, but it would work so well if you juxtaposed it nicely!

Paul said...

I ABSOLUTELY love those shoes! Especially the white and blue ones! :)

Guilli said...

I LOVE !!!

Thx for your comment :)

Bye !


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