Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Still haven't found a place that sells Russh magazine over here, but I'm going to keep looking for it. They always have such great editorials!
This one is another fine example, from Russh #38: Just like sisters.

photographer: Benny Horne
stylist: Stevie Dance
models: Bambi Northwood, Lisanne de Jong & Hannah Holman

I didn't know Bambi acutally had a tattoo of Bambi on her wrist... Kind of cute though!

All pictures via Fashion Gone Rogue


Nebby said...

mmm… Scandinavian style

Zoë said...

prachtige editorial!
ik ben niet voor tattoos, maar de bambi is pretty cute!

eugenialejos said...

bambi is so amazing girl!


so young, innocent, and delicate. another round of clean-cute stevie dance's mix. love this ed.



Aria said...

I love Bambi! She's so cute!

the gorgeous said...

didn't know about Russh, have check it out and it's amazing! love it!

Joni said...

Gorgeous ladys.

lovelove.come visit

Suzanne said...

In Nederland kun je het gewoon kopen! Bij Atheneum in Amsterdam. Toen ik daar achter kwam sprong ik echt een gat in de lucht haha. Ze lopen trouwens alleen wel steeds 1 editie achter maar goed, dat geeft niet. Succes!


Sarade said...

Name your daughter Bambi and she is almost certain to turn out to be a gorgeous model. Her brows are gorgeous!

Sylvia Etc... said...

Great pictures and models and colour priiiiints!!


Nina said...

Loooove Bambi!!
thanks for stopping by & your comment :)


yiqin; said...

Awesome shoot <3


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