Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Has it really been two weeks since I updated?

I didn't mean for this to happen, but I guess I got busy doing anything but spend time on the internet...

I did however spend a week in the mountains once my exams were over, this was last week. I really love the mountains. In winter (wintersports! the only sports I LOOOOVE and couldn't live without) AND, yes, also in summer. It was the sunniest week in a very long time and it really felt good to be outside.

Since my camera cost me a small fortune I didn't want to risk breaking it while snowboarding, so the only pictures I have are these ones I took with my phone... I still hope you enjoy them and expect me to post some of the more regular Yes Please Mademoiselle content soon!

Still managed to find the time to go by the International Magazine Store yesterday and look at my stash! I'll need at least 2 weeks to finish reading these... Yes I am one of those people who still buys magazines AND reads them cover to cover. If I just wanted to look at nice pictures, I have the internet, right? No need to spend €30+ on paper then.


vivacious blonde said...

love your phone pics!! looks like a great trip.

Mat said...

don't blame you not taking your phone. i only take my slr when i mean business. the camera phone has come up trumps


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