Friday, July 9, 2010


I got back from my trip to Calvi a few days ago, wish I could've stayed longer! I could tell you all about how much fun I had OR I could just show you some pictures because I know a lot of you are just looking for some pretty pictures, not my diary haha. Ok.

If you do want to know a bit more about me, I did a little interview with New Look and its up on their blog right now, so go on and have a look! :)

So, pictures. I wish I could've taken some better pics because, seriously, Calvi, well, the entire island of Corsica actually, is such a beautiful place and these pics don't do it justice. Not a lot of pics of the bands as well (if you're just tuning in, I went to Calvi on holidays but also because of the festival Calvi on the rocks taking place at the time) since taking shots with a regular compact camera in the dark is never a good combo. Check out the little video I made on the end of this post though, it turned out quite ok.

Et voila, sightseeing in Porto! (a town about an hour away from Calvi)

Lemon juice, my new favourite summer drink!

Tasting local food is obligatory, and yes, these were tasty.

The Aikiu performing, this was only their 2nd live show! Loved it, be sure to check them out.

This is sofie, my sister! Check out her blog SSSSOUND, it's about music (plus: it scrolls horizontally which seems to drive a lot of people crazy).

Those things you see next to the water is actually the Theatre du Verdure, the place where concerts took place at night. Yes, I am serious. Location location location!

The only sodas you could get were all by Schweppes. Loved the cans, but seriously, Schweppes Cola? That doesn't sound right. Coca cola please.

This is Holy Ghost! performing (I'm so pissed this picture turned out blurry ARGH), amazing amazing amazing show. They're doing quite a bit of shows in the UK & US these next few weeks so if you're in luck & live around there, you know what to do.

This is how the Theatre du Verdure looks like at night, this is at the start of the evening so it's not too crowded yet, but can you see the comfy seats? Oooh they were heaven. This whole festival was heaven actually.

The obligatory "I've-been-to-Calvi-look-at-how-pretty-it-is-are-you-jealous-yet?"-shot.

This is LCD Soundsystem playing, check out the video below to see more of them.

2 Many DJs playing, they were the 'very very special guest' which was supposed to be a secret, but well, it wasn't.

Wow this took me a lot longer than I thought it would. Hope I didn't lose most of you halfway-through? :)

14 comments: said...

Very Good.

sofie said...

see you next year calvi!

Gerlin said...

Tuurlijk niet Stefanie, ik lees graag posts met veel tekst (én veel foto'kes :-))! Corsica is echt heel mooi, ik ben er enkele jaren terug op vakantie geweest met de familie. Maar niet naar Calvi - of ik kan het me toch niet herinneren.
Sofie! Je zonnebril!! Ohmygodzzz kweenioeschoon! Ik ben al een tijdje op zoek naar een gelijkaardige maar ik vrees dat hij me gewoon niet gaat staan. Om één of andere reden sta ik met geen enkele zonnebril/hoofddeksel. :-( maar hij staat Sofie echt heel mooi! Classy!

heleen said...

Zalig. Echt, ha, zalig. En ik ga mij meteen een lemon juice'ke maken, ideaal voor dit hete weer!

Blindcopy said...

oh so beautiful. the pictures make me wanna go on vacation right now!

Juanduh. said...

oh wow!
your blog is amazing
i love it
you have really nice pictures.

Mat said...

i've not even heard of this place, im guessing the spain sort of way.

good times!

Claudia said...

gorgeous photos!!!!

Vincent said...

I haven't been unfortunately, I do want to go to his London store some time soon though. Calvi looks beautiful!

Beny Ricardo Sadewo said...

This is Amazing pict Madame....

Beny Ricardo Sadewo

samia liamani said...

beautiful! i can imagine you had an amazing time.

Glayki said...

i love this post!

Fashion Butter said...

You didn't lose me - haha. Looks awesome!

The Photodiarist said...

Calvi looks so much like the Amalfi Coast!


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