Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Better late than never, let's talk Haute Couture. All the shows took place last week in Paris: Chanel, Valentino, Dior, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier, etc etc, you know the drill.

Chanel... I don't even know if I should decide whether I liked it or not, it's just... Chanel. Oh, and there was a giant gold lion on stage. What did you expect, it's Kaiser Karl!
And for all the other music lovers (yes, I like music too, but you probably already figured that out if you follow me on twitter ), the playlist from the show is up on Chanel News. One of the songs was Chilly Gonzales - Never Stop, one of my favourites of the past few months, it's up on the facebook so go and have a listen!

First 2 pictures from Chanel News, bottom pictures from style.com

Valentino had a lot of very sweet dresses, black, white, a lot of bows, chiffon, a few pastel colours,... I liked it, it feels more Valentino than last season's couture show (which, honestly, I didn't like at all, sorry. See it here).

All images from style.com

Givenchy was maybe the most Couture of all the couture shows. The inspiration for this collection was Frida Kahlo & her three obsessions: religion, sensuality & the human anatomy. A lot of white, lace & feathers. There were only 10 silhouettes, all of them with amazing embroidery (there's a few detail shots so you can see just how detailed all of them are). Riccardo Tisci decided to give a presentation rather than a runway show and personally, I think this is a good choice. Think about it, those couture gowns take hundreds of hours to make (apparently one of the gold dresses took 6 MONTHS and one of the catsuits has a Swarovski crystal skeleton that took 1,600 hours to make) and in a runway show, models walk by in just a few seconds. Presentations are more personal and yes, more exclusive too, but isn't couture all about being exclusive?

Bottom 3 pics via vogue.com, all others from style.com

In other news, forgot to mention I'm blogging for Belgian magazine Label Fashion Focus this summer! I did a post about them about a year ago (here). However, this being a Belgian magazine, it is all written in dutch. If you speak dutch, have a look! If you don't, well, there's always Google Translate? Knock yourself out!


heleen said...

Haha die leeuw doet me iedere keer weer lachen. Ik hield dit seizoen vooral van de simpelere stukken van Chanel... Valentino was echt heel fijn en ja Givenchy - wat kan ik zeggen. Frida Kahlo is zoiezo een geniale inspiratiebron.

Emilie said...

I love CHANEL!
The collection was really amazing, as usual!

Nataliexxx said...

My least favourite is Chanel sadly. Love love love Valentino's collection. As usual K.L went unnecessarily over the top and all the "lion drama" took away from what was important - the fashion. Turned out to be less fierce than I think Karl would've wanted - well atleast for me it was :/


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