Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Yes, a barn, at Chanel of all places.But it was inspired by Marie-Antoinette's barn, so it's all good.

Picture from WSJ pictures of the day

I don't know about you but I'm not a clog-fan, but I guess they match the whole countryside theme. Oh Karl... you never cease to amaze us!

And after 2 seasons of somehow very un-Dries like collections, Van Noten went back to his roots. He showed a very ethnic collection, lots of prints, and really, I think he is the only one who can mix such an amount of prints and still make it look effortless.

All pictures from style.com


Brigadeiro said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Dries! His collection was STUNNING! Have a post on his collection coming up soon, loved everything! The shoes, the jewellery, the clothes...ah so fabulous! :)

miss a. said...

The detailing for Dries's collection was stupendous. I loved the sunglasses with the print rim.

As for the Kaiser, I'm convinced he can do no wrong. I can't hate on someone who has created such an awesome uniform he's worn so proudly for 20+ years.

daisychain said...

I LOVE both of these

miriam said...

oh, karl is fantastic. what a great show! i wonder what the goodiebags were like this year?

first time in three years that i haven't been in paris nor london during fashion week... gutted!

Nebby said...

Did you see the Viktor & Rolf Show already?

Kate said...

I actually like the barn a lot. It's not the typical chanel and therefore it was suprising and refreshing.

Raez said...

haha, i have a fear of clogs. theyre only, like, one step away from CROCS. ugh, haha.

but chanel was still pretty fucking rad despite that!

xx raez

donna said...

oh, definitely some beautiful images.

I think I am actually feeling the clogs? Haha ohnoes!

STEFANIE said...

@ Nebby: Yes! haha ^-^ did you enjoy it? Post coming up soon!

J. said...

I really dont get the clog thing, but the barn idea was refreshing!


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