Saturday, October 10, 2009


Here's the last from Paris fashion week. I'm a bit disappointed by the few 'wow'-moments I've had during this season. Some of the shows I featured aren't really my favourite but I just wanted to share them with you (I couldn't JUST post Lanvin, now could I?).

I hope some of you managed to catch the live streaming of Alexander McQueen's show? Though if you didn't, fear not, click here. Go on, take a look!
OK, the clothes may not be very wearable (the shoes DEFINITELY aren't, and if you ask my honest oppinion, I don't like them) but the prints are some of the most exquisite I've ever seen. The 1st & 3rd dress are actually kind of the same shape but it's really lovely, it has great movement when worn, just look at the video at around 4:22 and you'll know what I mean. Tight on the front and loose on the sides & back, now that's some serious pattern construction!

Phoebe Philo's back, after her exit at Chloé a few years ago, here's her first runway show, for Celine this time. Phoebe on the collection: "I just thought I'd clean it up. Make it strong and powerful—a kind of contemporary minimalism," Fine with me.

Next up, our favourite Dutch designer duo, always up for something crazy, Viktor & Rolf! Their latest venture: cut-away tule. I'm still wondering how they managed to cut a hole through the tule... Oh and Roísín Murphy was performing, she did a great job covering up her pregnant belly with a ginormous pouffy skirt.

Over to Louis Vuitton then. I'm not even going to bother showing you looks of the show because I'm not really getting it. I mean, afro's & clogs & pink furs make for some awkward combinations. Yeah maybe awkward is the only word to describe it. But, but... The bags looked fun, the colour combinations were very OK and the shapes were refreshing (minus the LV monogram, mind you).

And lastly, 2 more, Valentino & YSL. Both weren't that amazing but oh well...

Sorry if I sound a bit too harsh/very un-excited, but is there anyone very satisfied with the new shows? Do share.


miss a. said...

I was more thrilled by the people who attended the Louis Vuitton show than the actual show itself. Stockholm Streetstyle & Stylesightings had some great photos from outside the tents before & after that show.

I can't wait to see what Phoebe Philo has in store for Celine. I'm not giving the first season back too much credit since it takes a while to get back in the groove.

Nebby said...

Did enjoy the cut out viktor and rolf show. I liked it more than when they tortured the models with those huge structures on their shoulders ;)

Justė said...

well, i enjoyed chole because of its simplicity and 'tranquility' after watching striking models of alexander mcqueen.
and what else left in mind probably is ysl and miu miu.

Valentine said...

I agree. I wasnt really thrilled by a lot of the shows but old loves prevailed. Lanvin is amazing each and every time. Demeulemeester is fantastic as well. However, much like you, I didnt quite get LV either.


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