Monday, October 5, 2009


Paris is still going strong, I really can't keep up with all the shows! But I'll get there eventually, so stay tuned!

Balenciaga - very tough & futuristic. Not bad, but this isn't my favourite Balenciaga season.

Bruno Pieters - nice & simple, as it should be.

Givenchy - this was a good season. 'nuff said.

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Oh and yesterday was my birthday, bye bye teens and hello 20!
Hope you'll all have a great week!


vanessa said...

happy belated birthday! hope you had fun! (;

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday ( too late ? )
: *

Raez said...

Happy belated bday as wellllll! givenchy was awesome!

xx raez

leeselooks said...

happiest of birthday's beauty!

and seriously... givenchy was out of this world.

OH PARIS... my fav. such greatness.

ah and stella (<3 )... and chloe and chanel tomorrow!!!


liana said...

happy birthday!!
mmmm how great is Givenchy?
Tisci is a ggggeeeeeenius!

Angeles Almuna Design said...

Givenchy is definitely my favorite in this post!Great structure and good ideas!

womens dress designer said...

Love this collection!!keep posting

heleen said...

Kwas eigenlijk redelijk teleurgesteld door zowel Balenciaga als Bruno Pieters. Dries Van Noten en Ann Demeulemeester brachten dan weer wél de trotse Belg in mij naar boven :D


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