Monday, July 6, 2009


Why should you get excited? Well Couture week of course!! Whii, can't wait to see the shows, especially Christian Lacroix's, after all the reports of his label going bankrupt... Hope his show will be as optimistic & colourfull as always!

These pictures are long overdue, they're from my trip to Paris in April. I shot them with my vintage Camera (Kodak Retina IIa for those who would ask).

As you can see, these are far from perfect, the quality is kind of poor (I'm not claiming to be a great photographer). I'm currently looking for a light meter (so that I don't overexpose my pictures), for the moment I'm just sort of guessing which settings I should use! As always, tips are appreciated!


Brigadeiro said...

LOVE the pictures! Love the vintage feel to them! :)

priz said...

the photos are perfect that way. I heart vintage everything (:

DaisyChain said...

beautiful pictures <3

miriam said...

oooh paris!
i think you managed well. photography is all about exploring - there's nothing as right or wrong in my world : )

Raez said...

i lvoe the photos, especially the eiffel tower:0 jealous, love, and i want your vintage toy;)

xx raez

en mode play back said...

Diaphgram 8 speed 125. It's the basic I learnt in vintage photography. Use it when the sky is grey and the light not so bright.


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