Saturday, April 11, 2009


A while ago I told you about an old camera I got. Well, I'm glad to tell you the camera is still in perfect working condition! I did some test shots as you can see below (maybe boring subjects, but I just wanted to test it ASAP so I shot the things close to me, eg. my garden & my pets).

Meet Dolores, one of my chickens! (She preferred to stay anonymous so she shook her head a bit to make sure no other chicken would recognise her on this photo...)

Hahaa, this one's really weird, that's because it's a double exposure (unintentionally, but I like the outcome so now I just say I did that on purpose, right? ^-^). The first picture is a picture I took in my room, you can see 2 mugs and my drapes in the background. The second picture is a picture of my sister I took on our terrace, you can barely see her face, but it's there! (look between the cups!)

A very interesting door...

I took this picture of the sky because I wanted to see how the camera changes the colours. As you can see on the picture, the sky looks very very pale, almost light grey. But when I took the picture, the sky was actually really really blue! So the camera tones the colours down quite a bit! (I like the hint of pink too!)

Neighbourhood watch... I saw there's a little mark on the picture, above one of the windows. I'll have to check if that's because of the scanning or a default on the picture itself...

The garden is getting greener & greener everyday! Hooray SPRINGTIME! (I know, there's a lot of brick walls too, but once the big trees have their leafs, the garden does look better ^-^!)

I hope I will be able to get more pictures out of this little camera (well little, it's pretty heavy actually!), if I do, I'll be sure to share them with you!
Have a great weekend!


paperbag said...

yay so happy for you. i dislike using anything but film.

stephanie said...

l o v e the double exposure one and the door picture.

G r e a t lighting
of them.


Eeli said...

Aaaaah I love you new camera. theres something about vintage cams that make everything seem so beautiful!

Double Aaaaaah Delores! IS A CHICKEN!!!!! Oooh shes is so pretty and why didn't you tell me you had one sooner! Weeeee, Beckett has another cousin he (sortof) knows haha

Can't wait to see more of these pics.

Say hi to Miss sis for me :P

xoxo Eeli

DaisyChain said...

What wonderfully beautiful pictures =)

Anonymous said...

you have a chicken? eggs from home must be delicious!!

Vika said...

Oh my gosh
you really have a chicken?
i think that chicken is the best pet!
really cute pics . . .
. . .

Petra said...

I am
1. So envious that you have chickens!!
2. So pleased that she is named Dolores :)

Beautiful beautiful images!!

KATLIN said...

Love the old, grainy feel of them!! My fave is the door handle one!

LANA said...

Beautiful photographs!

Brigadeiro said...

The pictures turned out great! Love the finish the old camera gives to the photos :)

Jess said...

There's something very special about old cameras and the grainy sort of shot you get.
I especially like your chicken - the colours don't seem to have been toned down there!


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