Friday, June 5, 2009


There are a lot of Resort shows I want to show you, Marc Jacobs, Thakoon & Burberry will be posted later today!
Let's see: Alexander Wang! I was glad his show had the usual neutral colour palette. I really don't know how he does it though, his pieces look so basic and yet SO effortlessly cool...
I'm not too fond of the shoes though, but then again, I didn't really like his previous shoe designs either ( there, I said it.)

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Also: have you heard about It's a new website, still in beta-mode and invite only, but luckily I've got a VIP link that will let you register now and try out the site! It's a community where you'll find the latest fashion news & trends, personal shopping advice, etc. Refinery29 called it Facebook, topshop, & a personal shopper rolled into one! So go on and have a look, but beware, the endless contents will keep you busy for hours!


MAGDArling said...

i love the 2nd outfit in the first row, 2nd and 3rd one in second row and 2nd in last row;D they rock;)))

margault said...

love the third pictures sweater!

Miss T said...

thanks for sharing.
im a new follower to your blog.
totally hooked. :)

miriam said...

ah, ca c'est très cool, chérie! will check it out. merci!

Krystal said...

thanks for sharing the info x

CAMILLE said...

ooh lucky me was able to get a hold of one from NZ, have relatives there and had one dress left...cant wait to post about it

erin said...

such great clothing eye candy.
want it all!

nice blog you have here!


KATLIN said...

His designs become so ubiquitous, that I get tired of him. But every time he comes out with a new collection, I love his pieces because they're so effortless! He does know how to work a color palette, too!


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