Thursday, February 19, 2009


I am a bit disappointed in the latest fashion shows. Don't get me wrong, it's not all bad, but I just hope there will be at least 1 show that blows my mind away. Up untill now that hasn't happened yet.
Ok, so I have a few collections lined up:

Marc by Marc Jacobs: not bad, there are some peaces I really love, but I feel like I've seen it all before...

Next, Doo.ri: I liked this one, I'm glad she kept it simple (except for the tights, but it's still a fashion show, right?^-^)

And finally, Proenza Schouler: I thought their prefall show was amazing (remember?) and maybe I was expecting a bit too much... I liked some of the jackets & pants, but Proenza Schouler, what's up with the bags?? I know, you don't want to give yet another version of the PS1, but I don't like the new handbag. Really really don't. WHAT HAPPENED? =(

I'd love to hear what you all think about the shows. I feel a bit bad about not liking them actually... So tell me, good shows or not?


Lisa said...


so agree about marc by marc.

anxiously awaiting paris + milan.
lanvin,chloe, stella yes please!

some that have caught my eye:
Max Azria
Rodarte ( hair + makeup = my favorite)
some Preen dresses.
Behnaz Sarafpour
+ Matthew Williamson had some dresses.

oh the sensory overload!


closeup said...

I just can't get enough of marc jacobs! he's truely a fashion-god!!!

jessica said...

doo.ri tights are definitely this season's rodarte tights, if you get what i mean .


lescrocodiles said...

I actually loved proenza schouler completely and totally... but I definitely agree that marc by marc looks a bit familiar.

miss a. said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeed the bling-ed out tights at Doo.ri. LURVED IT!

Not a huge fan of Marc, but I thought Proenza Schouler was pretty decent. I think you either love it or you don't.

But Anna Sui... mmmm. Hers was great!

sofie said...

i can't remember where i read it, but someone described marc by marc jacobs as "return to the classics", though that's just a way to put "more from the same" nicely. quite disappointing marc! :(
and i loved the fabrics they used in the jackets and dresses at proeza schouler!

Nina (femme rationale) said...

i love doo.ri's collection!

Stephanie said...

Love the doo.ri tights- so awesome!
And I totally agree- the proenza schouler prefall was way better than the actual collection- what happened?!

Miranda said...

yeah i was soso about the marc
i loved the makeup for proenza but yeah what is up with that bag??

Sarah said...

wow great outfits. i loike the looks from marc by MJ looks very british.
love ur blog!
xx sarah

Tina said...

love the marc collection, very cute with some lovely colours, definitely a more wearable collection of looks (for me anyway!) :)

saray said...

well I like the shows.. but I don't like that so many show sooooo much black outfit.. I mean I love black but I'd love to see more designers working with more color

saray said...

well I like the shows.. but I don't like that so many show sooooo much black outfit.. I mean I love black but I'd love to see more designers working with more color

Julia mode said...

OMG i love the marc collection !! =)


Eeli said...

I know what you mean. It feels like i've seen these outfits before but they've all been SLIGHTLY altered. I havn't been salivating at any shows yet either :( And i'd felt bad admitting that/ Good to know someone else shares the same thought :)

Tell your sis HI again lol. She seems a darl. Are you noth twins?

Anyhoo, kisses all the way from Aotearoa ;)

Eeli xx

ana b. said...

I was so disappointed by Proenza as well because I just loved their pre-fall stuff. I thought there'd be more of that fantastic blue!

I liked Preen. And that was about it. I'm with you about the feeling of blandness towards NYFW.

And spangly tights. Goodness.

LoveMore said...

you have done such a great job coveing these collections hon i am very gushed! loving all the close ups. and yes marc well, he never lets us down! genious!

thanks for your comment.

love LM xxx

donna said...

I loved Doo'Ri's collection because I DID NOT expect her to come out with a line so dark. Her clothes are very simple and feminine, and always have a very light and airy feel, so it was almost as if she tried to go out on a limb here, which was love. I especially think he texturized leotards were beauitful and could easily make an outfit on their own.

Proenza Shouler....
Okay, was it just me or did the clothing come across as more of a middle-aged lady collection? I made a post about this one and found the shoes were more of a highlight for me than anything else. However, the detailing and tailoring is exceptional, and there are still a few pieces I would love to wear:
The sheer metallic midnight blue dress, the oversized black wool coat, and, on your listing, 2nd row, 2nd in is very very Pre-Fall.

It's very mature, all of it.

PS. LOVED the M by MJ. It's slightly kitschy, but so sweet and wearable.

donna said...

god, that was a long comment. sorry!

Barcelonette said...

love the huge scarves and metallics ^^


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