Saturday, October 13, 2012


I've been a bit obsessed with this Scholten & Baijings x Arita 1616 tableware ever since I first saw it on Dezeen back in April. That's almost 6 months ago by now, so I think it's about time I presented it to you all.

Let me give you a proper introduction - Scholten & Baijings (of HAY fame) are a Dutch design duo who took on the assignment of Arita 1616 to bring some colour & European vibes into their ceramics. They did wonderfully, creating a set of tableware that looks absolutely perfect. The shapes & colours are based on their extensive research in the Arita archives; pastel blues, yellows & pinks combined with a fiery red and a serene white... The collection feels very modern yet gives a little wink to the Japanese heritage of Arita and is crafted with the extraordinary workmanship & experience of the original Arita ceramics.

In short: this is the best & coolest tableware I've ever seen, the end.
Some of my favourite pieces:
Images via Dezeen & Thomas Eyck


Anonymous said...

so lovely!

hannah said...

omg i want it all!

girl, how have you been! was so lovely to see your comment and remember our fun day in brussels. hope you're doing well!!


Mat said...

some cracking colours going on

Anonymous said...

This is really gorgeous. Never thought I could get so inspired by tablewear.

liana said...

So cute!

jessica konstantinos said...

can i please have it all. def coolest tableware around!


Mat said...

freaking good stuff


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