Sunday, March 18, 2012


So, I've talked to you guys about french brand Ysterike before and well, here I am once again.
Short introduction in case you're just tuning in: Ysterike is designed by lovely French lady Sarah Lespagnol, key words for her collections are sweet & cute, playful, colourful, ... You get the point.

So what's new? Well, it seems Ysterike is doing great! Her latest collection just arrived and is - in my oppinion - her best one yet. PLUS, there are a few new international stockists(!), I don't think I have to introduce you guys to Pixie Market, right? Check out more stockists here (Opening Ceremony NYC & LA are also on the list, pretty impressive for a small French brand that's only a few seasons old if you ask me...). I think a CONGRATS is in order!

Personal favourites are the little Chloé dress (the peter pan collar/col claudine & triangular opening in the front one) and the pink blouse/liberty print skirt combination. Oh yes, and err...e-shop's right over here guys ;)

Photography: K-Poon Dubus, Model: Marie Do, Make-up: Lila Guéant, Hair: Clément Vannoye


Marsha C said...

Wow I love these outfits x

JoeyAna said...



the goorgeous said...

that fuchsia neon shirt is insane!
love all those photos, great brand!

noirohio vintage said...



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