Monday, February 27, 2012


By Eric Cahan

Bridgehampton, NY
Sunset 7:48pm

North Sea Harbor, NY
Sunset 7:51pm

Los Angeles, CA
Sunset 6:16pm

Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA
Sunrise 6:35am

Palm Beach, FL
Sunrise 6:33am

Sea Cliff, San Francisco, CA
Sunrise 6:57am

Venetian Causeway, FL
Sunset 6:54pm

All images by Eric Cahan


Mat said...

these blew me away when i first saw then, a couple of weeks ago. no idea where but now i have the original source. cheers!

the goorgeous said...

it seems impossible there is just the sky in all those beauties!

Raez said...

Great post. The colours are just amazing, love his work.


Cappuccino frío said...

unbelived pictures!!!

Marijs said...

Wauw, first thought they were just color combinations, was amazed that they are actually photos. Beautiful!


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