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London, 2 weeks ago...
If you're planning on going to London in the near future, you might want to continue reading, here's some of the places we visited on our trip or some we can highly recommend. Kind of like a 'Yes Please Mademoiselle guide to London'! Haha. Ok:

On a street corner somewhere around Old street, Shoreditch.
Take the tube to Old Street, grab a coffee (or any other hot drink you like) from Shoreditch Grind (it's hard to miss, right next to the tube station stairs). Head over to Rivington street, pop in the Jas M.B. shop/showcase (I have a backpack+bag by Jas MB and they're the only bags I use on a daily basis. I've had the backpack for about 8 years now, the bag for 3 and they're still in a very good condition, great quality). Then continue to Redchurch street where you'll find Labour & Wait (I'm sure you'll find some great Christmas gifts there) and just, well, wander around a bit, there's a bunch of nice shops in the area.

Inside the LN-CC store...!

Then head over to Dalston (tube/overground station: Dalston Kingsland) and get to Shacklewell lane. That's where you'll find LN-CC; I've gone on & on about this shop for a long time on this blog now and this was actually the first time I visited it in person. I realllly recommend you visit the shop if you can (don't forget to schedule an appointment!), the staff is super friendly, there's a great atmosphere and they have an incredibly great selection of brands (the big Belgians like Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester & Martin Margiela; A lot of great Japanese brands like Yohji Yamamoto, Blackmeans & Toga; and a few personal favourites of mine like JW Anderson and Jil Sander - I don't say this very often, but wow, I almost DIED when I saw the Jil Sander hooded sweaters (here’s a reminder in case you forgot how awesome they are)! I'm so madly in love with them :) - & more) for both men & women plus a books & music corner. Added bonus is you get a friendship bracelet with every purchase, HA :)! (it's in the details, people)
Then, while you're in Dalston, check out the recently opened Kristina Records for some sweet music. If you're up for it, you can walk to Broadway Market (it's actually not that far, took us about half an hour) where you'll find super nice bars & little restaurants, book shops, etc. We had dinner at La Vie En Rose, yum.

More wandering around town the next day...

And being all intellectual and cultural and stuff the day after that at the V&A + Tate Modern.

Some more tips you might want to remember - shops:
- AA Bookshop: a tiny shop but filled to the brim with Architecture books & magazines. 32, Bedford Square
- Muji: You might live in a town with a Muji store, but I don't, so for all of you who don't either, visit one of their shops if you can!
- Selfridges: No introduction needed I guess? Drool a bit over all the prettyness at the Céline corner, then get to the back of the store where you'll find Monki (that cheap Scandinavian brand you'll actually be able to afford!). Be sure to visit the food & wine hall as well hehe.
- Lazy Oaf: very fun stuff; clothing, accessories, stationary, etc. 19, Fouberts Place
- Dover Street Market: "About DSM: Concept and Direction by Rei KAWAKUBO" That should be reason enough to get you there I reckon. 17-18 Dover Street Market
- More music/vinyl shops: Sounds of the Universe (7 Broadwick street), Phonica (51 Poland street), Music & Video exchange (38 Notting Hill Gate)

Where to eat: (we didn't have a chance to try most of these out for ourselves but they were on our 'recommended' list)
- Kastner & Ovens, 52 Floral street
- Nordic Bakery, 14 Golden Square
- Spuntino, 61 Rupert Street
- Stockpot, 18 Old Compton Street (and this one's actually cheap! Win!)

And if you still need some more tips, visit Unlike London or This Is Naive.

Also, as always: more pictures on Flickr!


the gorgeous said...

LN-CC top fan!
loove all this stuff btw.. ;)

kittenmasks said...

'Pretty in Pink' is one of my favorite films, except I really hate what she did to that dress at the end. WHYYYYYYY, Molly Ringwald, WHYYYYY in god's name did you fuck up a perfectly good frock?!

Besides that, I'm slightly obsessed with James Spader's character, the douchey Steff. I probably would've dated him.

Tweet said...

I adore Labour and Wait, it's gorgeous! Glad you had fun :)

Love Tweet


hannah said...

looks like you hit up some amazing spots! i miss london dearly.

when you're able to visit new york, i'm taking you to all my favorite spots personally! : )



Masha said...

Great pictures! Would love to visit London again..


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