Monday, September 19, 2011


My favourite interior-peeking website, Freunde von Freunden, is expanding. Previously they only photographed inspiring people (and friends of friends as the title suggests) in Berlin, but now they're launching some international interviews as well- YAAY! Even more good news: the interviews are now written in English rather than German which will let you get to know the person behind the interior better - I know a little bit of German but it wasn't nearly enough to understand the interviews so this change makes me quite happy.

First up are London & Paris (for example Cynthia Lawrence-John & Joseph Dirand), but more is coming very soon.

New interviews in September will include interior designer Regine Safronoff and graphic designer Akroe from Paris; knitwear designer Sibling, product design studio Raw Edges and bookshop owner Conor Donlon from London; artist Antonio Santin, art collectors Christian and Karen Boros, graphic designers of and fashion designer Hien Le from Berlin; designer Guto and photographer Fran Parente from Sao Paolo as well as Marc Atlan from LA.

So yes - high five to the entire Freunde von Freunden team!

All pictures via Freunde von Freunden, by Jean-Philippe Woodland

In other news - yes, I am finally back from my holiday, which means posting will resume! I'll have a few pics ready from my Scandinavian road trip, give me some time and you'll get to see them soon (hopefully). Also: as you may/may not have noticed, you can now find my latest SVPPLY's in the sidebar so you can now all enjoy my online window-shopping without leaving this website, woooo! :)


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