Thursday, August 18, 2011


Boys, yes, you! I feel like sometimes you don't get enough attention and love over here, so here's a little something something for you, yaay! Girls, of course, you're all welcome to join in on the conversation.

Ok, so this is my "I'M A BOY & DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR" - or IABDKWTW- solution. (hence the title of this post, ha!)

Let's set some ground rules first:
DO wear: tees & shirts, sweaters & cardigans, slim-to-skinny jeans, bright colours (don't be afraid to wear some colour, seriously, it looks good on you guys ;)!), and if you're more of a fancy shirt/suit dresser, please please please make sure it fits JUST right, wearing a suit that looks like you borrowed it from your dad is a bit of a turnoff. Also: slim ties & bow ties. And duffle coats, I'm a sucker for duffle coats.
DON'T wear: shorts that are lower than your knees (looks very weird), turtlenecks (I know a lot of you like them, but in my opinion, turtlenecks are the worst invention ever, sorry!), clothes that don't fit (too big or yes, too small as well), wide ties (especially if you're young).

Here's some ideas for you to consider:

Shirt - Midwestvintage // Tee - David David // Tee - Sixpack

Sweater - Only NY // Sweater - WOOD WOOD // Cardigan - ASOS
I just noticed the peach sweater (MY FAVE! I actually want it for myself) is sold out on Flatspot, but it's still available on the Only NY site.

Pants - Carhartt // Pants - Carhartt // Jeans - Acne

Boots - YMC // Trainers - Veja // Pony hair sneakers - Filling Pieces

Socks - Happy Socks // Scarf - Acne // Cap - ASOS

Plus, the Topman Lens collection (collaborations with different designers like JW Anderson (a YPM fave!), Dusty, Uniforms for the Dedicated, etc.) is looking quite good as well!
You can thank Immi from Style for guys for the tip, boys!


melwa said...

Wow, this is amazing!

little baunilha said...

Hey! I just created my blog, it would be nice for you to come take a quick look. Kisses

Sunniva said...

Great advice for the guys! I want that cardigan from ASOS for myself haha xo

denise said...

what a great post! so many things i'd buy for my bf...and then steal hahahaa

Mat said...

well it all works for me, i tend to stick to most of these little rules to be honest. i am wanting more looser stuff these days though, lots of the aw trousers i'm wanting are wider and i'm very much down with this. it's been too skinny for too long, plus i only usually wear slim trousers now. tight makes me feel too young. you would probably like my wardrobe if this post is anything to go by.


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