Saturday, June 11, 2011


So I've featured Freunde Von Freunden on here before, but I couldn't help myself from posting some of their recent shoots. If you're not familiar with them yet, let me do a quick intro: Freunde Von Freunden (that's german for friends of friends) is a german collective that photographs (by Aline Liefeld) and interviews intersting & creative people around Berlin in their homes, studio's, etc. (they're going international soon so be sure to keep an eye on them).

We all love a peek in people's homes, especially when they're as amazing as these, right? If you want to read the accompanying interviews, you'll have to speak German though (or you can just resort to some google-translate-ing).

So, enjoy these, and as always: don't forget to check out the rest!

Christiane Bördner & Marcus Gaab

Norman Palm

Johann König & Juergen Teller

Julia Winkels

Jenna Brinning

Raul Walch

All pictures by Freunde Von Freunden


Gerlin said...

't Is handig dat jij hier nog bent om mij af en toe aan deze geweldige websites te herinneren! Deze is wel mijn favo denk ik. Zoovveeelll mooie interieurs!! Funny ook dat Norman Palm erbij is, waarmee een vriendin van me werkt. En die vriendin is sinds kort ook naar Berlijn verhuist. Misschien moeten ze bij Herlinde dus ook maar es langsgaan binnenkort :-)
Danku Stefanie!!

pink horrorshow said...

These are all stunning. My favorite shot is probably with the mismatched wooden dining chairs!

Bardotty said...

We seem to be perfectly synchronised lately! Four posts ago I wrote about sites & peeking into other people homes and closets but this one I didn't know of. Thanks! x

danica said...

i love the interiors you've picked, stefanie. this site always gives me serious home envy.

Yasmine said...

Die eerste is.. waaaaaaaaaaaauw!
Ik droom al jaren van zotte boekenkasten, deze is echt een droom!

Zoi said...

That's it! Ik wil een huis. Nu.

Lynn said...

Zo mooi! Ik was laatst bij een tentoonstelling van Piet Hein Eek, ook in die stijl, ik wilde meteen alles hebben. :)

Michelle's Style File said...

Love these pics!


Phara said...

Super post!
En Keller is zo'n geweldig merk, ik wil alles ervan kopen, inderdaad, die schoenen.

Jillian Hobbs said...

can't tell you how much I LOVE apartment posts... but i think it's because I have a thing for snooping at other people's spaces!!

thanks for the post xo

Bie M'as-tu vu said...

Ik denk dat ik wil verhuizen of toch...alles uit mijn appartement gooien en rommelmarkten afschuimen om tot hetzelfde resultaat te komen als op de foto's I REALLY LOVE THE PICS!!!

jasmine said...

thsi is all so rad, i like how it's so bright!

Steph said...

Aaaaah didn't know that one yet! Awesomeness.


i like those posts dedicated to interior design...


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