Thursday, May 12, 2011


An outfit with a very simple colour palette today: Black, white & navy.
My mom wouldn't approve of me wearing black & navy together, but well, I think they go together rather well - any opinions?

Shirt - Acne
Skirt - Acne
Sandals - Barbara Bui
Backpack - Goodhood (sadly, sold out...)


A.n.E said...

do it! definitely wear blue and black together... just make sure you throw in the white for good measure! mm such a good white shirt.

gonna go see about a super cute sold out bag...

x said...

black and navy are two of my favorite combination of colours!
serious! and have to say loving every each acne cloth

Kate said...

Such pretty things! ♥
And yes, I'll be back on twitter in time haha

Guilli said...

I love the bag and the skirt !

Thx for your comment :)

Bye !

Claire M. said...

Nice outfit I love it :)
Claire M.

SLF said...

thanks! yes its my fav polish! glad you like it :D

nice photos.

Lippylash said...



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