Thursday, December 30, 2010


So well, prefall season started a while back and one of the first to show their new collection was Chanel (on december 7th... I only got around to posting it now!).

After last year's enormous Shanghai show, Karl probably felt like doing something more intimate. Rather than taking it all to Istanbul, he redecorated the couture salon at the shop in Paris to look like some sort of Byzantian lounge room (scroll down for a pic).

Even though Chanel isn't the most wearable out of these prefall collections, I thought I'd start with them because there's always so much effort put in the spectacle, it's more than just 'the clothes'. I collected some pictures - runway, backstage, fittings, etc, so we could all have a little glimpse of what's really going on behind closed Chanel doors.

The invitation to the show.

The setting, seen from above.

All images via Chanel News.

Images via

More pics after the jump! (didn't want this post to get too long...)

Images via Fashionologie



Chanel is so classic love it! love your blog header!
feel free to follow xo

EyesNeverLied said...

LOVE LOVE LOVEEE THIS CHANEL COLLECTION! it seems so chanel but with a twist!
just love it!
thanks 4 ur comment!
follow me =)


these pictures are absolutely amazing

The Dandizette said...

I'm a sequin manic so all of this ticks my boxes! I do agree its not the most wareable (What would Coco say?) but still amazing!


linda-mari said...

Chanel <3

Paris in Pink said...

These are such enchanting images, just like the rest of your beautiful blog here. I feel so inspired! Adding you to my rss feed and twitter right now. By the way, love the name of your blog :) Hugs from your new fan in Paris!


Paris in Pink


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