Friday, December 31, 2010


So, only a few more hours untill we say goodbye to Twenty-Ten (oh boy I liked 2010, kind of bummed it's over really)! I had some super great times with friends & family, at school, lovely holidays... Yes, 2010 has some wonderful memories for me, I don't know if my favourite moments were meeting all those lovely new people, trips here & there & everywhere, seeing LOTS of music concerts, discovering new artists/designers I like etc. Best year so far? Yes, maybe. Probably. Oh who knows what the future might bring!

Since the days between Christmas & New Year are a bit of a blur anyway, I'll show you some of the Christmas pics I took last week. And as always, there's more where these came from, chech out the rest of them on Flickr!

Happy 2011 to each and every one of you, enjoy the party & thanks for the great year!

My mom got these funny looking stick figures (can I call them like that?) at IKEA acutally, there were different designs but I noticed I only took pictures of this one.

Yes, that is a Quality Street wrapper. A good meal should always end with a Quality Street.


Brandon said...

Love the photos, especially that top one. Gorgeous! Here's hoping that 2011 will be even better than 2010! Happy new year!!

daisychain said...

Happy New Year gorgeous!

(quality street are poo, it's all about the cadbury's roses!)

Vilte said...

These are really nice picture. Happy New Year :D

Alexandra said...

lovely post! lovely to have a glimpse into your christmas. hope you had an amazing new years eve.

alexandra xox


itsgoodtobepham said...

Hi Stefanie

2010 was amazing and thank you, I hope 2011 will be fantastic for you as well! And I'm glad you love the photo with me embedded around a bunch of books; that too was one of my favourite shots! It was fun.

-Stephen Pham

the gorgeous said...

sounds delightful!
love caviar :)


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