Sunday, November 7, 2010


I spent a great deal of yesterday afternoon browsing the Freunde Von Freunden site again - whoops. I can't help it, all these people live in the most wonderful houses and apartments. It's a shame my German isn't too well so I can't understand everything that's written in their interviews, but oh well, a picture says a thousand words, right?

Here are some of the wonderful things I came across (click on the pictures to go to the accompanying interviews!):

Kirsten Hermann

Frank Stüve

Norbert Bisky

Axel van Exel

Malin Elmlid

Cornelia Renz

Boris Radczun

Sarah Illenberger

Olaf Hajek

All pictures via Freunde Von Freunden.


cleo said...

beautiful. it's all about the details.

Mat said...

never heard of this one, good find!

Juanduh. said...

this is WOW!

Sofie from said...

niiiiice - this site is addicting. thanks for sharing!

Christina said...

aaah! amazing!!

Toni Alexis said...

i absolutely luv the first five pics! xo

Ivania said...

yaaay for interior design posts!
thanks for sharing, I saved a few of these images :)

2moss said...

wow, wonderful pictures! i especially love the one of boris radczun...the room looks quite like the one i rent right now, great inspiration!

Raez said...

the beauty of these places make me wanna cry! my future apartment will never look as good :(

xx raez

Glenda C said...

so lovely


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