Saturday, May 15, 2010


It is May after all, so why don't we start with putting on our sunglasses, maybe the sun will follow?

From left to right, top to bottom:

Cutler and Gross D-frame acetate sunglasses
Cutler and Gross Round-frame acetate sunglasses
Alexander Wang 4 C3 T-Shell
Moscot Lemtosh in Blonde
SUPER Classic in Puma
SUPER Ciccio in Cheetah

I got myself (no sorry, my mom got me these, ha!) this pair at H&M. I usually don't buy sunglasses at H&M because their quality isn't that great, but these were just too fun. They look a lot like the Lemtosh from Moscot, only cheaper. I'd love to have an original pair of Moscots, but since I still have a pair of Ray Bans, I didn't really need new sunglasses so I decided to buy this cheap-ass pair instead!


Silvana Querido said...

I love those glasses too. So cool :) I'm sick of rain and clouds I want some sun right NOW!


Katinka. said...

I'll take any opportunity to wear some sunglasses!! love yours, I think H&M sometimes got nice ones:)

the sun is coming through right this moment writing this, should be a good sign!

Love your blog:)

Kb said...

I love H&M sunnies, they always have great designs and so cheap! Your pair looks fab!

Glamour Bbey. said...

Hay dear blogger!
How are you? I'm glad that I've visited this blog! He's lovely.

Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother!
Love, Cindy.

daisychain said...

Oh man, loving all of these far too much!

Margaret said...

well i think they look awesome!!! thanks for the gorgeous comment :D

Anonymous said...

i would take all of them :D

Tamara said...

Ok, Let's concentrate all together in bringing the sun back from wherever it may be! Amazing sunglasses, btw ;)

leeselooks said...

l o v e those h & m ones.

i think i have a sunglass addiction but decided i am going to just sell most ( i have toooo many...) and just buy a cheapy pair! it's so overwhelming.

love your picks girl.


Sylvia etc... said...

your tortoise shell H&M ersatz are really great - i must say they've done such a brilliant job at Hennes this year with sunglasses ... i recently got some cool transparent ones with mini-flowers very balenciaga

Dolly otherwise known as Jasmine. said...

I have never been that into sunglasses but I may give them a go this summer- you never know!

From Dolly

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

DUDE, these are sick. Loves them. Btw, who did your layout? It's rad!

Anja said...

you're totally right with H&M quality! the glass gets stratched too easily. but they look very nice :)

Mat said...

can't complain for the h and m price can you! Cutler and Gross glasses are the shizz

Mode Junkie said...

these are all awesome. i have some h&m sunnies and they´re all ok until now. maybe because i have about a 100 pairs and i don´t use them that often tha´s why they don´t get destroyed. LOL


x said...

i have the ones first at rigut in black colour!!
i cought 'em mooonths ago, and its somthng i can't live without!haha


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