Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Olivier Theyskens designed his last collection for Nina Ricci back in march -remember?- but since then, he's been keeping himself busy. Another project of his is due to come out this month and this little preview looks promising!
Add this to your book-wishlist: "Olivier Theyskens: The Other Side of the Picture"
The book is a collaboration between Theyskens and backstage photographer Julien Claessens.

Leaf through the book on the publisher's website or scroll down and let these pictures do the talking:

All pictures by Julien Claessens

Other books on my wishlist include:
Another Fashion Book - Jefferson Hack
Avedon Fashion 1944-200 - Richard Avedon
Giant Andy Warhol - Phaidon
Small World - Martin Parr


KATLIN said...

raw and beautiful!! hope your new year is starting off awesomely! and hey, you have a jas m.b. bag right? i'm thinking of getting a saddle bag style in black on totokaelo!

heleen said...

ik ben zo'n enorme fan van letterlijk álles wat Theyskens doet, dit is echt fantastisch om te horen!

joannapple said...

it`s simple, I love it!

Laura said...

Hey there! Wanted to extend a thanks for all the love left :)
Just took a scroll through your blog, great work!
Hope you keep enjoying mine.. xx

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh, love the first couple especially, the shapes are beautiful! As always, wonderful post, dear, your blog is truly one of my favorites! ♥

And thanks for your sweet comment, dear!


wreckedstellar said...

Wow that third photo is crazy. She looks eerily beautiful- like a creature in the woods! xo, Mel

Vee said...

That fourth picture is very striking to me. Great post.


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