Thursday, November 26, 2009


If you're in Paris/will be in Paris before 30th november, be sure to check out this exhibition 'In their shoes', it's about -yes- SHOES! The few pictures I've seen are amazing, and they're probably even better in real life.
The exhibition is by photographers Kate Bellm and Dylan Don and they've shot friends, strangers and apparently even a stripper's shoes. Go on, have a look at these, and if you're in the neighbourhood (Galerie M. H. Karst in Paris -30 rue de Malte, in the 11th arrondissement) , go check it out for yourself.

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And second, VBS.TV (Vice magazine's web tv) teamed up with Intel for a series of videos: Créateurs du futur (sorry forgot to mention this, it's from Vice France, so french videos!). There are interviews with 8 French artists either in music, cinema, design,... Also featured are french DJ's Yuksek & DJ Mehdi (2 of my personal favourite!), but there's also a video from the creator of Surface To Air which I found very interesting. Watch the videos here!
To celebrate the project, Vice is throwing 2 parties, one in Paris on 30th November in Palais de Tokyo with Yuksek & Metronomy performing (you don't want to miss that! Metronomy is amazing live and I'm sure Yuksek is too). If you want to attend, register here.


Brigadeiro said...


Claire St Juin said...

How cute is that final balloon photo!

daisychain said...

oh, so incredible

heleen said...

Ik vind t leuk dat ze echt heel fel focussen op de schoenen, niet op een outfit in z'n geheel of zo. Niiice.

Raez said...

thos are some pretty neat pics:) and what a sweet video. thanks for sharing, and i hope you have a good weekend!

xx raez

Nata said...

So perfect, fashion is a complete art.
It's so limitless & wonderful.


donna said...

this is an exhibit I would love to visit. Ugh, need to go to Paris!

the gorgeous said...

Shit!! I was in Paris this weekend without time in off to go there.. so much things to do in this wonderfull city! PARIS JE T'AIME


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