Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So here are some of yesterday's shows in London, yes, London, catching up with NY will have to wait a bit more! =)

First up, one of my personal favourites, Christopher Kane! He did go Romantic all the way, but as usual, with a twist. Gingham, pleats, panels of different fabrics & cutouts. He can do no wrong. Loving the shoes too.

Next, House Of Holland. Style.com was pretty harsh on Henry Holland stating that he'd better quit the runway and throw parties in stead. True, he's no genius like Marc Jacobs or Christopher Kane, but that's not what people buying HOH expect now do they? When I think about HOH, I think fun & flirty, is this not what you see in the pictures below?

Next up is Jaeger. I'm not very familiar with the brand, but when I saw the collection -which I liked, not loved-, I kept thinking about Stella McCartney... Any thoughts?

And last but not least, Josh Goot. Being a master in graphics, he didn't disappoint. But don't try to over accessorize these pieces, they stand out for themselves!

All pictures from style.com, except 1st, via fashionologie.com


Brigadeiro said...

I quite liked Jaeger's collection this season! They are sort of a very high street brand in the UK...

Antonio Barros said...

I like the shoes at House of Holland!


Summer said...

Their shoes are gorgeous!

A Writers Den
Brown Mestizo

daisychain said...

Josh Goot = amazing.

I wasn't sold on the first two :(

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Ohhh, I like Josh Goot in particular!

leeselooks said...

hey beauty you are BACK!

awesome re-cap.

loved CK... i need some gingham in my life!
HOH- not so much...
Jaeger was definitely similar to the feel + look of stella - but i did love it!
and josh goot- you can't deny the beauty of his work + those designs.

have a wonderful rest of your week girl


miriam said...

Henry Holland is just my favourite! if i had my will we'd do a collab with him. i'm pitching to my boss now : )

Enep said...

Superb Collections! great pics too :--}


fashionable palette said...

I love the Christopher Kane collection as well. Gingham and romanticism at their finest.

Raez said...

really awesome stuff! the last is the best, i do love the colours:)

xx raez

miss a. said...

Christopher Kane was amazing. I love gingham.


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