Friday, September 25, 2009


Next up are 2 more London shows, Burberry & Jonathan Saunders plus the first Milan show, Prada!

Did anyone watch the Burberry show live on the internet? I know I did. I'm glad more and more fashion companies do this live streaming of their fashion show, Dolce & Gabanna last season, now Burberry, and apparently Alexander McQueen will go live too! Can't wait. Burberry returned home to London after several years of showing in Milan, and London should be happy about that! The collection was very very young, short skirts, pastel colours, a lot of draping and an endless amount of different trench coats - all belted.

Next, Jonathan Saunders. Although I don't think this was his best show ever, it's definitely worth mentioning. But what's up with the hairdo?

And finally, the first Milan show, Prada -what else? Although I generally don't like the no-pants look, I am willing to make an exception. Loved the collection, maybe a lot of black & grey, but who cares. The shapes & textures are amazing.

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heleen said...

Haha bij Jonathan Saunders lijkt t alsof de meisjes verdronken zijn, en dan net voor de show uit het water gevist.

Kristiane said...

I really liked Burberry's new twist.. The collection is adoreable. Thanks for posting these pictures:)

Brigadeiro said...

LOVED Prorsum's collection, have yet to check out MFW, must do so now ;)

Jillian said...

looks great all of it <3
i am really enjoying the photos you chose!

saray said...

i want all of those clothes in my closet!!

daisychain said...

I watched Burberry, it was incredible

Nata said...

So much couture in one post!
Burberry will always be, one of those classical classy designers for me. (:
lovely post.

miriam said...

i wish i could have seen the prada show live. love the hair do!

KATLIN said...

i am sooo slacking on fashion week. i used to be up on that shiz before, but i'm so lazy now! and yes, i noticed in some other collections they used that sweaty hair... i think rodarte, too?


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