Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Yesterday I promised to get you all some pictures of the little Vogue Italia Barbie Issue celebrating black beauty! Scanning didn't work, so here are a couple of snapshots! (The first picture is a recent drawing from the non-official purple DIARY by Stephanie Daoud - did a post on her drawings last month - thought it would fit in!)

Basically it's a little magazine filled with 22(!) editorials -this post is only a peek at what's inside! Some are very pretty, others are tacky, but overall this is a great little booklet, I'm keeping it! My favourite picture has to be the one with all the Barbie's in the swimming pool, LOVE that shot!


The Stylemaster said...

wowowow. so much detail in every piece. thanks for the sneak peak!

Summer said...

Thanks for sharing those gorgeous! Have a great day ahead. And hope to see more of this. =D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

Antonio Barros said...


The pictures look great, I want to see all book now!

Brigadeiro said...

What an amazing book! From these pics, my fave is the swimming pool too! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

LANA said...

Heel mooi, mijn favoriet is ook zeker alle barbie's in het zwembad!

Kate said...

This is so super sweet. Thanks for sharing :)

Nata said...

Barbie has done it again. (:
And to think I was going to sell my swan princess and rapunzel barbie from my childhood.

jacquieshambles said...

Thank you for scanning those in! I need to own this- I'm such a Barbie fanatic, and this whole thing is too good to be true. thanks again cuz I didnt even know this existed!
xx jacquieshambles

Moi said...

I have one too :D and I love it!

Ang said...

I looove this! I love styling models for photo shoots and now realize this is where my passion started....I used to dress my Barbies up for fashion shows but never actually played with them in their houses/cars/etc! Now I want to do a Barbie shoot. :(

Thanks for sharing this!

Ang at Dorotheas

malin said...

love it!


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