Sunday, August 2, 2009


This Raf Simons bag may be from the Men's collection, but I like it anyway. It would make a great laptop bag!

Pictures from

Also! My parents got back from a trip to Italy and got me this:

Remember last year's Vogue Italia's Black issue? Well, this is the Barbie issue, but only black beauties! I'll get you some scans/pictures soon!


DaisyChain said...

ohiow that bag

Kate said...

The bag looks good. Wearing mens clothing or stuff is nice sometimes. They could never do it the other way around.

And I can't wait for those scans >_<

heleen said...

Haha ja scan wat van die Vogue in! De cover ziet er al leuk uit.

En grahhh, die tas. Raf Simons is echt ongelofelijk.

Alice in Wardrobe Wonderland said...

Yummy! I literally just bought that Vogue Italia 2 hours ago, but have yet to flick through it! (I bought Vogue Paris, American Vogue and Numero too, even though I have NO money.. oh dear, no wonder I'm broke..) Wonderful blog xx

Nataliexxx said...

Most "man" bags look unisex to be honest...

and that Barbie Vogue looks awesome! Can't wait for pictures!!

Brigadeiro said...

I LOVE man-bags, hence somehow hubby ends up with so many, as I can live vicariously through him and borrow them! :)

That Barbie Vogue looks incredible! Can't wait for pics!

leeselooks said...

man bags are the best.

oh and i now have a new obsession with the sofia coppola for LV black carry-all!!!!!

old vogues. best. ever.
soak them up.


Antonio Barros said...

I like the bag too but I think that it would not be very comfortable to carry a notebook there since there are no handles. Yopu would get tired pretty soon.

pluriball said...

isn't it gorgeous? the attention to details of the barbie photoshoot is stunning! I was reading it some weeks ago relaxing at the lake near to Rome with some friends and we were so amused by it!!
I'm leaving belgium the day after tomorrow (by the way your advices were so useful, thanks!I will write some posts about the trip very soon!), any magazine I have to carry with me from here?
I will definite get one Elle belgium and Vogue paris that is cheaper here..

LANA said...

Die tas is echt mooi, zou echt niet zeggen dat het een mannentas is! En ben benieuwd naar je scans.

Raez said...

agreeeeeed. and that barbie issue just looks adorable.

xx raez


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