Wednesday, June 24, 2009


My summer can start right now. Yes please!
And that means I will be able to update more frequently -I hope at least once every day- so stay tuned!

As a starter, I present to you TÔ Long-Nam: born in Vietnam, raised in Munich and now living in Paris. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin in Fashion-Design, moved to Paris, did some styling, started designing again for the Lanvin (!) mens collection and even competed in the 2006 Hyères Festival!
I can show you a few pictures of his Fall-Winter 2009-10 collection. Its all about structured jackets, very very architectural. The jackets look great, but personally I'd wear them with some nice dresses or skirts (black & white only, keep it simple people!) to make them less "I'm a business woman" - oh and PS, the photography is great too ;)

Very nice details on the back of this jacket. The patterns are actually inspired by the human anatomy, muscles to be exact! I like that the design isn't too overwhelming since it's black on black.

Ah yes, a smoking jacket (as in Le Smoking) , can I say wardrobe basic? I need one like this.

All pictures © Copyright of TÔ Long-Nam


TIANA said...

i really do need a good suit. i feel like it would be the hardest thing to shop for...


la parisina said...

I really love the first jacket, so elegant and cool at the same time!
I didn't know about this designer before, so thanks! :)

Ming said...

I like your blog and those suits say "I am a strong business woman"
Check out my fashion blog

miriam said...

quel pantalon, je le veux!

Mlle-Prekopova said...

J'adore !

Angeles Almuna Design said...

A blazer!!!!the best thing that you have to have in your wardrobe!!!!!Oh yes!!!

Anonymous said...

really nice pants and blazer

Jennifer Ramos said...

This is such a classy and sexy suit all at the same the shots too!

Jen Ramos
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