Tuesday, April 28, 2009


New label crush? Haha, look at these exclusive images from the A/W 09 lookbook from LF MARKEY, and enjoy! (This is the only place on the web where you'll find these, so go and take a look before anyone else ^-^!)


Don't you just love the first dress with the sheer top & velours skirt? I know I do. Inspiration for this collection lies somewhere between the Tudors & 80's evening wear. Crazy but beautiful. I love how the pictures from the lookbook look like some sort of Renaissance portraits, but have macbooks & other high tech stuff in them.

Designer behind the label is Louise Markey, trained at Central Saint Martins. What I got from the LF MARKEY website:
"The signature style of LF Markey is that of minimalism, bold colours and shapes, comfort and natural fibres, understated luxury, high-quality manufacture and a sense of play."
Oh and for those who know the online retailer ASOS.com ( short for As Seen On Screen), LF Markey has also been invited to design a collection for them to launch this Summer! Exciting isn't it?


Brigadeiro said...

Wow, these are gorgeous! I agree with you, the tudor/renaissance style pictures with the modern juxtaposition is very cool! The textile of the designs also looks so lush, and the colours so rich & gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :)

Shini said...

wooohoo in ASOS, can't wait then! Really like how theese are shot to look classic and then bam we see headphones or a mac, yeah :D the colours are soo delicious, especially the last dress...

ana b. said...

Wow! The styling and photography is incredible. It's Vermeer remixed!!! I love the velvet skirt. I just want to run my hands over it. Well done on the exclusive.

Alyssa said...

Exciting stuff is going on over here! The photos and fashion are nice. :)

Couture Carrie said...

Lovely! And I adore that chain necklace too!


Big Daddy said...

Wow love this editorial!!

miriam said...

beautiful pieces, i want to see moore!

KATLIN said...

The last image kinda reminds me of the Girl with a Pearl Earring!


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