Monday, April 13, 2009


Maybe you've already heard about Dujour magazine. Their website was already bookmarked on my computer, but I hadn't read any of their issues yet. Well, this morning I had the chance to review their latest issue, the Art Issue. (Beautiful cover!)

Picture from dujour's deviantart

The magazine itself is as fun as their website, I really enjoyed reading it. There is just the right amount of everything: news, trends, editorials & (well it IS the Art issue) artwork! There were beautiful drawings by artists Angeline Melin, Sandra Suyillos (my absolute favourite), Leigh, Arksiniya & Kelly Smith. Look below to see their works!

Picture from dujour's deviantart

The editorials in Dujour were absolutely gorgeous as well. But to see them you'll have to get yourself a copy. To view more information on that, look here. I read my Dujour magazine online, but you can also get a print copy. But reading it online is cheaper + links to websites are clickable in the magazine (easy!).
Oh and on the list of contributors I spotted Katlin from the Urple blog, she is an intern at Dujour (well actually it was Katlin who first introduced me to Dujour!). Good job Katlin!


Julia mode said...

lovely post !! =)


Antonia said...

Gorgeous pics!

Alyssa said...

Thanks for opening my eyes to this.
I like your blog! :)

KATLIN said...

Aw thanks Stefanie, though the credit really goes to the entire Dujour team! :)

Lisa said...

so so so beautiful.

Barcelonette said...

I always visit this mag website and I also follow it on Twitter but you have to subscribe to see the art issue, isn't it? thanks for the pics. I hadn't had the chance to see them.

panda love said...

such amazing drawings and pictures.


Eeli said...

Oh wow! I'm definately going to be in the lookout for the magaizine on NZ shelves. The art mentions and features you've displayed here have been fawning.

THANKS ofr posting this up! If it weren't for my frequent visits here I wouldn't've known :(


miriam said...

sweet, haven't heard of Dujour. think, we're the perfect match!

Brigadeiro said...

Sacre bleu! A DVN sample sale!!! Oh, how I wish I could go! Am so incredibly jealous!!! Hope you find something, and that you get to share it with us ;)

re: Costes, no, they weren't rude to us, but we just walked through to the lounge/bar, sat in their lounge and ordered we didn't stay at the hotel, nor did we eat dinner. But if they were rude, then surely they don't deserve your patronage, can't believe they were rude to you & your mom! That's very bad!

Hope you have a blast in Paris ;)


Maddy said...

Thanks so much for the add and comment! I'm just about to add you to my blog.

Some of the feathered masks on that site are amazing! And only like $6!

Def given me some fantastic ideas!

Thanks again,

Pop Champagne said...

Hmm haven't heard of Dujour, I'm going to have to check it out :)

TakeaDoubleTake said...

love these illustrations!!!

Tamara said...

These are amazing!! Thanks for posting them :)

Bardot in Blue said...

i too adore dujour mag! and your blog which I have just discovered! off to go read some more now :-D

xoxo Bardot in Blue aka your new fan in Paris


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