Tuesday, March 3, 2009


And this time no online window shopping but REAL shopping! YAAY!
As I told you yesterday, I did some shopping during the weekend, and this is what I got:


Yes that is actually me on the left... The picture is really grainy because it was already getting dark when I took the picture and my camera can't handle the dark. I'm thinking about getting him a big SLR brother, that is if I can convince my dad to take over my compact camera so I can buy an SLR. Let's hope so.

Ok, so the pink dress is from Zara, it looks really really weird on a hanger, but when you put it on it's like this amazing floating dress you never want to take off again.
And the next 2 are from Urban Outfitters, love them. I am going to wear those trousers a lot, I'm sure. And the dress is from the renewal line at UO (they basically get vintage clothes, cut them up and make new ones out of it) which makes that the fabric is SUPERsoft. (Oh and PS, the last two pics are obviously not my work, they're from Urbanoutfitters.co.uk )

Mmm summer, are you there yet?


lescrocodiles said...

those pants are perfect!!

Stephanie said...

Love the Zara dress! The dress all the way on the right will look perfect on you and I <3 the model too ;)


Lisa said...

love the shop

keen eye, as always!


tanya said...

aww you look so pretty! I love those sleeves on that dress--very feminine and romantic :-)

Eeli said...

YES!!! Summer is HERE dollface haha but moi is in the Southern Hemisphere :( Not looking forward to Winter though, slated pavements, shilly weather and an unecessary amount of rain is what we can expect :(

I see the youuuuu ;) And both the dress and yourself is very pretty. I agree the dress is lovely, the fluted sleeves have it for me.

Much love to ya hunny bun

KATLIN said...

I love the color/fabric for the UO dress! I'm in dire need of some sort of chambray!

Brigadeiro said...

Love the Zara dress! Such a beautiful shade & cut (those sleeves are so cute!). ANd you look gorgeous in it ;)

All great buys!

ana b. said...

O! Is this the first shot of you on your blog?! Yay!

The blue dress would look amazing on you. It's so chic but love the little ruffle detail.

Jack Daniel said...

For the ladies, the summer is going to be cooool! Clothing wise. But for the gentelmen...it's probably gonna be boring t-shirts only. That's why I also like winter-period, so we can dress up a little. Haha.

heleen db said...

Inderdaad! Altijd maar zo'n dikke winterjas - pff.
Urban Outfitters is echt een van m'n favoriete winkels, zowat ál hun kleren zijn prachtig.
Heb je dit van de UO in Antwerpen, of ergens anders?

Lisa said...

i just adore the right dress!
it's spring here.


Nina (femme rationale) said...

love the ruffled dress. it's the perfect piece for summer.

closeup said...

love that blue dress!!

donna said...

wow, in love with that dress.


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