Monday, February 16, 2009


So I know it's NY fashion week and the shows are piling up, but I was a bit disappointed by what I saw. I didn't really have a 'WOW' moment YET so I decided to wait a bit for now.
OK, what DID give me the 'WOW' moment was the Filippa K catalogue, I received it in the mail a while ago. I wanted to scan the pictures for you, but well then my scanner decided not to work. Oh well, it was too beautiful to cut up anyway, so instead I took some pictures.
The pictures were taken in the Mojave desert, but I'm still trying to figure out who the photographer is because I'd love to see some of his work! Edit: photographer is Patrik Sehlstedt/Adamsky , thank you Sofie!

I hope you'll see what I mean when I say WOW...


If I were a boy, I'd totally wear that blazer from the first picture! I think dashing is probably the best word to describe it.


Katie said...

i'll wear the blazer anyway! these are great!

Brook and Lyn said...

I agree so far I've have not been too impressed as well. I usually love United Bamboo but this year I found it I'm glad that the outlined? blazers are coming back, I got one and did not get a chance to wear it.

FashOnEarth said...

Nice pics !

Lisa said...

that second picture is INSANE.

definitely looking forward to PARIS FW!
*dream a little dream*

have a good week beauty!


La Couturier said...

these really are absolutely beautiful!
La C.

yiqin; said...

Such gorgeous photos ;) I get " if I were a boy " thoughts all the time too!

Nay said...

I like the openness feel this mag gives us readers! (I love 'joe' blog ;-) )

alex hannah said...

i'll wear that blazer too!

ana b. said...

The blurriness with the desaturated kinda flat light is just mad beautiful.

miss a. said...

I like the pastel top in the third picture. I wonder if it's a dress.

STEFANIE said...

Nope it's a top, I looked it up in the catalogue :) It's beautiful, isn't it? ^-^

LoveMore said...

ooo DEEP GUSH!!!
the second and fifth are AMAZING! so good. thanks for sharing :)

xx LM

Stephanie said...

Definitely understand what you mean when you say wow!!! love the location of this shoot and the props- models and all ;)


sofie said...

Photographer: Patrik Sehlstedt/Adamsky

Sandra said...

those pics were just stunning.


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