Friday, December 19, 2008


So I love tees, especially when they're black & white. Why? Well, they go with everything, winter/summer, and they are mostly very simple (if you hadn't noticed already, I'm all for simple looks, NO FUSS please! ^-^)
Here's my top 3 for black & white tees!

1. The La Garçonne tee, because it's VERY simple and 25% goes to charity! YAAAY! They're supporting 'the girl effect', more info on the La Garçonne website
I would buy it if shipping didn't cost me as much as the tee itself! (The tee is 30$)

2. This tee by Dico ruined My Life
Because in my opinion, YVES STILL LIVES! And at 20€ (tee+ shipping in Europe, I don't know about other countries) it won't break the bank! I bought this one for my sister for Christmas (don't worry, she knows, I didn't spoil the surprise ^-^)
Edit: the link above doesn't seem to work, so try

3. And last, but definitely not least, this Surface to air tee, I've already posted about it here.
And I think Santa is bringing me this ^-^!

So, what do YOU think about black & white tees! Tell me!


Kenza said...

The YSL is so cool !

Lisa said...

i have the same tee obsession!

i love vintage rocker tees.

the ysl one is beyond cool. Must check it out!

thanks girl.


saray said...

love all of these..
the one that you bought for your sister is so lovely!

sofie said...

but what am i getting YOU for christmas? hehe ^_^

Lisa said...

i think black and white tees are simple and very handy! ^.^
i also love them, ectually i want to buy a simple white one.. but is had to be a BIG shirt then i want to draw on it myself :) and then i want to ware it as pyamas!


DaisyChain said...

wow, I love black and white tees. so perfect and they go with everything!

MR style said...

the ysl one is to die for

Tinky Minky said...

I prefer the la garconne tee! with the knot, it's so cute! ;-)

Mel said...

i love both of them, ahh white tees! xx

Maggie said...

ooh i love 'em. i want one now!

Maggie said...

ooh i love 'em. i want one now!

Miranda said...

i love the ysl ! :)

Terencesambowrites said...

i love all the tees they r awesome :o)

jaime said...

LOVE LOVE these black and white tees, especially the ysl! i want one!

Bella said...

I need them!
I WANT them!

Merily said...

I LOVE black and white tees.

Jack Daniel said...

ysl t-shirt is the one for me!! cool post. :)

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

the outfit on the last picture is great!!

M said...

The YSL one is great!
I'd definitely add this blog to my BLOGLIST, I'm convinced: I love it :)


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