Tuesday, October 21, 2008


A brand I discovered only recently, but definitely worth a post!
Here are my favourites:

And this bag, arriving in spring 2009:

All pictures from surface2airparis.com


saray said...

the bag is stuning

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh beautiful clothing, but that last bag just takes the cake! :D Looks luxarious (sp) and soft, the color is gorgeous and I love that it's lined with plaid!

Great find! :)


Miranda said...

so nice!!!
i love the color of that bag.

michelle said...

I love the first outfit!!

Lisa said...

thanks girl.

ahhhhhhhhhhh love this.
this is so me :)

you're such a star!

have a beautiful day.


The Stiletto Effect said...

the 2nd and 4th outfit's are very cool!

sofie said...

love every single piece,
especially the bags though :)

Lisa said...

I love the first picture with the skirt! and the blue bag is so cool!

xoxo Lisa

Jess said...

I like these clothes - nice staples. If it isn't too expensive, I'm all for it!

DaisyChain said...

wow great stuff, thanks for sharing.

belle.chantelle said...

OMG I'M loving the shirt& skirt combo in the first picture, and obvi the sexy blue bag.

Olviya said...

lovely first two looks!
what kind of brand is it?

stellawantstodie said...


leslie said...

the last bag is especially nice. sometimes i think only long haired brunettes with cute noses and defined jaw lines can pull off the whole menswear thing.

sueper said...

geweldige mooie 'basisspullen' voor een outfit

Jillian said...

what a great little collection

i especially love the gray tunic/dress very isabel marant

Valentine said...

ooh nice! the purple and black combo just stands out.. however, I think Im more in love with the plaid.. :)

Sascha said...

Thanks for the tip! Love the gray dress! You might like Grey Ant, I just posted about them.

Mel said...

hi lovely!

amazing! i love the shift dress in the second pic. these are awesome!

hope you're having a great week :)


Anonymous said...

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