Sunday, November 9, 2008


See the rest of this december 2008 British Vogue editorial with Tim Burton,Helena Bonham Carter, Karen Elson and many more here.
And as you might have guessed, the pictures are from the talented photographer Tim Walker.


Miranda said...

really great photo
i love this girls dress<3

DaisyChain said...

I adored this editorial SO much. I am keeping my copy forever.

Aurine said...

the girl has a creepy face but i LOVe the picture

KATLIN said...

The hair!!

Jess said...

Hehehe - how can you even see the pretty white dress for the tall hair? I do like her gloves though.

How is it even possible to gel it that tall??

Anonymous said...

this months edit was amazing, I couldn't believe how many pages there were of it!

Valentine said...

I agree.. this was such a beautiful editorial! Helena Bonham Carter is just wonderful! :-) And Ive been having a bit of a Karen Elson obsession lately-- so I really love the eds.


choppyshades said...

I LOVE this photo.

♥ fashion chalet said...

a beautiful photo

Linnéa said...

WOW! scary and pretty ! nice nice :)

hrose said...

oh tim walker... how do i love thee?! let me count the ways.

he is hands down my favourite photographer, every ed he has ever done i have saved to my computer. he really embodies the whole 'fashion fantasy' thing that i keep harping on about.

and yes, you're right! my header is tim walker. the model is erin o'connor and it's from vogue uk in 2004, although i'm not too sure about the issue. the ed also had lily cole, jacquetta wheeler, nigella lawson, tom hollander, lisa cant, the victor & rolf boys... so many people haha! typical tim walker.

this ed is one of my favourites of his though, didn't you think helena bonham carter and tim burton were just crazy cool together in the shots! so stunning.

thanks for sharing! and for your lovely comments.
i'm linking you!


sueper said...

Leuke pics maar kan geen comment geven bij je volgende post!

Bella said...

I adore this!

Mel said...

i love this pic! it's going to my fave pics folder! x


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