Monday, April 2, 2012


I've been following Karla Spetic since her very first collection and she keeps surprising me every time I see pictures of her latest collection popping up. This time (this is her AW 12 collection), she put together a lovely colour palette of her usual pastels (peach, light blue, cream) together with bright yellow & red - added bonuses are the leopard print and Roy Lichtenstein reproductions!
I'm loving the flowy organza skirts as well. They're not that wearable (unless you don't mind walking around showing off your granny pants), but fantastic nonetheless.

I couldn't help myself so I put together a little oufit featuring one of her dresses, when you're done drooling over these pastels, scroll down to see the lookbook!

dress - Karla Spetic
necklace - Orly Genger By Jaclyn Mayer
shoes - Vans
watch - Timex

Images via Oyster Magazine


Lies said...

Ik volg haar sinds Caitlin Shearer enkele prints voorzag en ik dacht dat de collectie met de rokjes met de prints van wegen niet beter kon maar dit is ook wel fenomenaal!

STEFANIE said...

@Lies: YES! die waren ook super... :)

Gerlin said...

IK WIL ALLES!!!! En die Vans ook!!!!

Annebeth said...

oy vey, ik wil alles inderdaad. Ik wil al langer fans maar eigenlijk wil ik die heel oldschool zwart witte, ookal draag ik amper zwart. Ze zijn zo iconisch! De styling is heerlijk in deze foto's, inc het haar en de make up. Very pretty.

Susanna-Cole King said...

I love the little outfit you put together, Stefanie, it's perfect! I think I might get those Vans for my travels this summer, I need some shoes I can slip on and off easily for entering temples. All my sneakers are Converse high tops, I definitely have to sit down and unlace and lace those up. I remember as a kid, I never untied my shoelaces though, that was like the cool thing for kids to do with their sneakers and our parents would always be yelling, "Unlace your shoes properly!" haha.

Hope you're well, lovely. <3

Cindy Røe said...

I love all of it!

les petites pestes said...

Those vans are toooo cute!!
We have been eye-ing them at Bellerose!!

Never heard of Karle Spectic, but looking at these intrigue me!! Lovely things!!


Lucija said...

OMG she's amazing!! Wow :O
Following via Bloglovin :))))


Hannelore said...

Oh oh wat een fijne post! Ik ben ook fan!

Justė said...

wow, such a nice colour and pattern choice! inspiring looks!

Smokey Canvas said...

I adore the yellow!! Great post.

XX Annie and Nicole

liana said...

Karla is so talented, all her collections are divine! I'm intrigued as to what she is going to display at MBAFW!!

Stéphane Mairgance said...

Trèss belles silhouettes, très enlevées.

Martina said...

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liana said...

Got to love Oyster.
Karla Spetic is amazeballs.


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